Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just a few updates....

First - Molly had exciting news to share with people earlier this week...
That's right - she's going to be a big sister in the beginning of May [unless her sibling decides to come 3 weeks early like she did!]

I am so excited for Jason, Katie and Molly.. i just have to wonder if they can possibly make another baby as cute and lovable and perfect as my little Goddaughter?!!?

[i have known about this secret for about 2 1/2 weeks now - and i kept it in.... i'm pretty proud of myself!!!!]

Second - I won Taylor's BedBuggs Pillow give-a-way and I honestly couldn't be more excited! I can't wait to get my pillow :) I will for sure be posting a picture as soon as I get it!
Third - do ya'll drink a lot of soda? Well i know that i'm totally addicted to it.. [as if you didn't know that about me already].. however I have been logging my coke points - you know those codes that are on the lid of your 20 oz bottles or 2 liters, and under the opening flap of your 12 or 24 pack of cans? to mycokerewards.com for the past few months and I got a free subscription to The Food Network Magazine which is honestly one of my favorites!!
Fourth - Although the US ended up loosing the Ryder cup yesterday and my boyfriend Luke Donald plays for England
i'm pretty sure he is going to be replaced with my new found [well previous crush] love for rickie fowler!
i had never heard of him prior to the Memorial Golf Tournament, but he made a name for himself that week here in Columbus. He was leading Thursday - Sunday morning and then Justin Rose came on strong. He is young, vibrant [not only with his golf outfits but also his personality], and just enjoys the game of golf and has fun while doing playing. He rarely gets discouraged [or at least he doesn't let it get the best of him during competitions and he hides his frustrations well - unlike some people - ahem TIGER!]
So back to the reason as to why he replaced Lukey....yesterday he was down 2 going into the 16th hole in the Ryder Cup and he came back to end up halving the match [tying the match]. This is not an easy feat to do - and the fact that he is so young, a captains pick, and his first Ryder Cup, makes it all the more unbelievable that he was able to do this!
Justin and I both follow him and Bubba Watson on twitter... if you need some funny in your life I highly recommend adding them! they are besties [hope they never read this blog - i would be incredibly embarrassed that i referred to them as besties - ha!] and they go back and forth ALL the time with tweets and videos!

I think thats enough rambling for now...

I hope ya'll are having a great Tuesday!


Kelly said...

AWESOME news about the new baby to spoil!! ;-) Fun stuff!

And BIG congrats on winning Taylor's giveaway!!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

What a cute big sissy she is!!

Congrats on the giveaway, I love that pillow!! And Rickie Fowler was impossible to miss at the Memorial... did you see him in all orange from head to toe? I may just have to start following him!

Mama Dew said...

I think you forgot to post the popcorn story, just sayin

Lindsay said...

COngrats on winning that fun giveaway! I am sure you are in the running for God mother status :)

Erin said...

Hey Girl! I got that netting at Trees n Trends - I think Hobby Lobby might have it too!! :)

allie-mac-fallie said...

thanks for stoping by my blog! i love yours and look forward to reading :) (super cute blog by the way :) )

Vanessa said...

Hi! I’m a new follower to your blog and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading it. Thanks for letting me share your life.


Molly said...

LOVE that pillow! Can't wait to see pictures when you get yours. And congrats to that little cutie on becoming a big sister, SO much fun :)

Take care girl, and have a great day!

Brittany said...

Congrats to your friends on their pregnancy! Molly is just adorable :)

And congrats to you for winning that fabulous pillow! So cute.