Friday, October 1, 2010


cooler weather
Halloween Decorations

I've never really been a big Halloween person but this year I decided to decorate my house a little bit more than normal

The front door
DIY wreath tutorial

The 1/2 bath on the first floor
EEK tutorial

The truth is I absolutely HATE candy corn - but I love the way it looks for decoration purposes - i love how it adds color places during the fall months

The mantle
i will have a silver pumpkin DIY next week

TV stand
don't blink - you'll miss the two little pumpkins on the bottom next to the picture frames

The hutch
if you have any suggestions outside of the few halloween decorations on this piece please let me know!

This weekend J and I are going to a pumpkin patch! [i have been asking to do this for the past 4 years - so to say that i'm excited is a bit of an understatement] I hope to get a few things to decorate around the house. Other than that we do not have any plans.. and I'm so excited to relax, sleep in, and watch some football!

I hope ya'll have a great weekend!


Elizabeth said...

That is super cute!! I love the bathroom stuff!!!! :-) It's fall!!!

Kelly said...

LOVE it all, friend!! The decorations are all soo cute, and by the way, that is one fabulous hutch!!

I was at Target yesterday and they have some fun cheapo Halloween decor in the $1 section. I was surprised... and I didn't buy a thing because I thought it would be strange if I just added ONE thing Halloweeny into our home... I kind of think that you need to decorate throughout, or at least have a good group of seasonal decorations, yanno?

Have fun at the pumpkin patch! We'll be doing that next weekend as well. Happy Weekend!

Mama Dew said...

girl if you think that's bad you should see our total of 5 decorations we have for halloween, that's right 5! i think the place looks GREAT!

Megan said...

Hey Lindsay! I am going to the pumpkin patch tomorrow with Liam and then to the Prarie Peddler on Sunday! I have been doing a lot of cool stuff, but haven't had time to post! We need to do a craft get together or something!!

Megan said...

I love your decorations! I just made the cupcakes on your post below for a get together tonight (well really, its counting letters and addresses for St. Jude... I figured the cupcakes would help the monotony for us!) and I can't wait to bite into one. What an adorable recipe :)

Sammy said...

I love all your cute decorations, and how you used candy corn (I don't like to eat it either). Have a great weekend and have fun at the pumpkin patch.

Lindsay said...

LOVE the decor. I have that same entry matt. LOVE it. :)

Jenni said...

Awww, so cute!

Brittany said...

Your decorations are so so cute :) I love the Halloween sign in the bathroom. Kelly is right, Target does have some great decorations in the $1 section - you should go there. I really want to go to the pumpkin patch too; wonder if I can talk M into it!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Brittany said...

Love your decor! I also dislike candy corn, but they do make a great filler. Have fun at the pumpkin patch! I can not wait to go!!


Angie said...

Oh girl, I love your cute. I wish I didn't like candycorn. I have decorated with it before and I was robbing it out of the decor...snacking on it...ha!

It is a fun and colorful way to decorate though.

Molly said...

Love the decorations girl! I could eat candy corn until I puke... How could you NOT like it?! Ha! Cute idea to use it to decorate. I'm going to attempt to get the rest of my decorations out this weekend. I'll definitely post pics next week.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Christa said...

Love all of your decor! I love how you filled the vases with candy corn!

Mommyto2 said...

love all the decorations! love the candy corn too. never thought to use it as decor but what a great idea!