Wednesday, October 6, 2010

tag i'm it......

I was tagged me in a post by Sonja from For the Love of Stilettos a few days ago - and I haven't had the chance to answer her 8 questions she left for me... her little side notes are in blue.. i just think they were too cute not to include...

If you have never visited Sonja's blog I would HIGHLY recommend it.. she is funny, witty and she is 20 weeks preggo and having a little girl! i'm so excited for her!

1. When you hear about Jacksonville, Florida, what is the first thing that comes to mind?
*haha I always wonder this from outsiders*
I think of the Jaguars.. i'm not so sure why... its kinda embarrassing i suppose
if i could answer my second thought that came to mind would have to be the HOT weather!

2. What is one thing you could eat & never get sick of?
Sushi! i love me some philly rolls!

3. What is your favorite thing to do when you aren't working or at school?
hanging out with friends... and let me tell you - i've got pretty amazing group of friends!

4. What does your dream house look like?
a HUGE wide open kitchen - similar to the ones mentioned in this post
an open floor plan where there is room to entertain - and no one feels crammed

5. Could you live without coffee?
absolutely... diet coke, now thats another story!

6. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
oh my gosh - this is such a good question!
there are so many things i love about blogging
the friendships that i have made, the support fellow blogging friends - and just knowing that if i need advice, support, or just the simplest things - that my fellow blogging friends -most who i have never met -are there for me and each other!
i would have never known the blogging community is so strong prior to starting this blog less than a year ago!

7. If you could change your college choice would you?
*As in, if money/loans/scholarships weren't an issue & you could anywhere*
hmmm... i absolutely loved my college experience at the University of Toledo - some of my best friends [and memories are from my 5 years there] however if could pick up all of my friends from Toledo and have gone to Clemson [i went to a golf camp there in between my jr and sr year in high school and fell in love with the campus and the southern atmosphere.. loved it!]

8. How do you feel about the Duggars having more kids?
*hahaha come ooon*
I think i'm still in awe of how patient Michelle is with ALL of her kids... so i guess the more the merrier.. to each their own! their whole story just kind of fascinates me

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Okay girls so here are the 8 questions that I'm asking you... and I can't wait to hear your answers:

1. What is your dream car?
2. What is your favorite piece of jewelry you own?
3. If you could have a spending spree at any store where would it be?
4. Would you rather watch reality tv or scripted tv?
5. What is your after work/school snack?
6. Would you rather have a good hair day or an awesome outfit?
[because mine never seem to happen on the same day]
7. What is your dream ideal job?
8. Why did you start blogging?

Have fun girls.. please feel free to play along!

I hope ya'll have a great Thursday!


Lindsay said...

These are so much fun! Love getting to know you better Lindsey!

Kelly said...

*Grr! Just deleted my comment on accident! :-(*

The Duggars having another child would be crazy! But you're right, to each their own! She is amazing with those kids.

I really like sushi too, but Greg really doesn't care for it... therefore I don't have too many chances to get GOOd sushi!

And the blogging community! The best! Where else would I have found out about the sky high hamburger game without knowing you?? ;-) Hope your day is going well!!

Kelly said...

I'm a BIG Clemson Fan!!! My son went to baseball camp this past summer and LOVED IT!

Brittany said...

You went to college not too far from me!!

The Duggars amaze me too. Not sure what to think...