Thursday, October 14, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 4 - My Parents

Day #4
My Parents

Meet Brad and Laura, my wonderful parents

[and yes, I have called them Brad and Laura ever since I was little
the would be much more likely to come if i was in the grocery store
if i called out Laura than Mom, when 254786 other mom's looked my direction!]

[our family is not big into taking pictures together - don't ask why... and this is after i ran the 1/2 marathon in the rain... JS!]

They are my role models as to how a relationship should be - the have been married for 29 years and are still crazy about one another!

Mi Madre
at her 50th bday party last year in Put-In-Bay

hard worker - detail oriented - organized - budgeter - coupon cutting - wine loving -skier - fun loving - health conscious - stubborn [i blame your mom and grandma on this one!] - decision maker - and a wonderful role model!
{and as much as i thought i wanted to avoid becoming just like you, i know that you see more and more of it happening every day!}

at my dad's surprise 50th bday party last year

driven business man - golfer- clean freak - meticulous - has a love for boats - snowboarder - loyal -miller lite lover - quiet unless he has something valuable to say [i think this may be because he lived for 22+ years with 3 girls in the house!] - love shack singer - tiki torch lighter - someone who i know I can rely on at any time and he will be there for me!

My sister and I are so fortunate to have such amazing parents! They know when to take the time to "parent/mold" us into the girls they would like to be but they also know when and how to have fun with us!
a family trip to Vail a few years ago - hanging out in the George!

I think my sister's fiance said it best when describing our family dynamics... you know that they love one another and you know that they would be there for each other in a heart beat, however they are not always vocal about it.... which is so true!
love it!


Molly said...

Can I first just say that in the very first pic that you posted, you look EXACTLY like your dad!

Your family looks so sweet!

Have a great day, girl!

Caroline said...

Love it! Your family looks like so much fun!! And I agree with Molly, you look like your dad!

Lauren said...

Your parents are so cute! I call my dad daddy-o too. :) Your family looks like you have lots of fun together, and I love that you can totally see your mom's personality in her pictures!

Lindsay Thomas said...

Oh wow, our family is just like that. Not vocal about love, but you KNOW it's there.
So...was the half marathon easy? Did you feel like you were going to die? Are you a big runner? I want to run!

Candice Pair said...

Your parents are precious! I love the one from your mom's bday...shes so cute!!! And my family is the same way....we're not vocal about our love for one another, but theres no doubt its there!

Lindsay said...

Adorable pictures. I love this blog feature!

Michelle (michabella) said...

Love the pictures! Sooo cute! Your mom looks so fun! :) I love what your sisters fiance said about your family... I think the same could be said about my family too <333

elizabeth said...

i love that last picture, y'all look like you have so much fun together!

Brittany said...

So cute! Love the pics!

Mrs. Bill said...

Very cute! I call my parents by their first names all the time. It used to make them so angry and now they're just used to it.

Katie K. said...

We are not big picture takers either! I love the post though!