Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The worst blogger of the year award goes to.......


Thank you so much for sticking with me during the last few weeks
i apologize that i have not been very amusing with my posts lately
but if i posted what i am doing daily i'm pretty sure i would loose every last one of my favorite little followers - so i will spare you :)

my daily routine consists of working, cooking dinner, running, watching reality tv, and then going to bed - REPEAT!

and i apologize for not commenting on a lot of blogs the last few days - our computers have been down at work for the past few days and i normally spend my lunch looking through your blogs and commenting... but no worries friends - our computers are up and running and I am back!

but i thought that i would catch you up with what has been going on the in the past week

we watched this little ham tonight... my Goddaughter Molly
i love her to pieces and honestly can't get enough of her
she is simply precious

justin and i went to the AAA baseball game last week
Columbus Clippers
it has been beautiful out every evening - and i couldn't imagine not being outside most nights

only 9 more days until Ohio State home opener against Marshall

i'm hoping that i'm not turning into a tween - but i got 3 new silly bands this weekend from my parent's next door neighbor
**L**pineapple**dolphin [for tri delta]**

did anyone else miss teen mom being on tonight?

am i the only one watching the bachelor pad?
and i feel slightly guilty watching it - like my hands over my face a majority of the show and peeping through my fingers embarrassed!
who do you like? who do you want to win the $

the other day i received this package from my friend stacey who works for 3M
ummmm this is like heaven in a box if you ask me
thanks again Stace - you know me waaaay too well!

4 more months until christmas as of tomorrow :)

I think thats it for now... just a little update about my life!
I'll try to be more exciting sometime soon :)
Happy Wednesday my friends!


Syndal said...

aah I have been semi-watching bachelor pad too. I don't like it but i still watch it? It's really bad isn't it?! I've got teen mom saved on DVR for tomorrow evening!

Lindsay said...

Those silly bands are crazy! So glad to hear from ya girl :)

Megan said...

I love that you have a dolphin silly band. I'm also a Tridelta :)

R said...

You are not alone! I watch Bachelor Pad. I know it's horrible TV but I can't turn away!

Ashley said...

I watch the Bachelor Pad faithfully and as horrible as it is, I love it. I'm not sure who I want to win yet, strange but I am really undecided. I know that Elizabeth is nutso though!! :)

Kelly said...

I missed Teen Mom too... but I'm sure I'll find it on repeats ;-) I also missed the finale of RHONJ (do you watch those trainwrecks?) so I'll have to find it on repeat too! It's been gorgeous out here in the evening, so we haven't been doing a lot of night TV watching!

Okay, and that is NUTS that Christmas is right around the corner!! 4 months ago was my birthday in April... crazy to think how quickly time has passed since then. Wow!! Have a great Wednesday, Lindsey!! :-)

Miss Chelsea said...

That is a sweet box of goodies!

Brittany said...

Glad you're back! :)

My little brother, who's 7, has enough silly bands to fill up one arm to his elbow! It's crazy. Luckily my step-mom doesn't let him wear them all at once ;)

I can't believe only 4 months until Christmas! That's insane.

lindsey said...

4 months till Christmas?! ACK!

Jenny said...

Did you see the cover of US Weekly last week? It had Teen Mom on the cover & I'm embarrassed to say I was a little excited.

I'm pretty much obsessed with post-it notes so that package would be heaven to me :)

Christa said...

Thanks so much girl! I actually got that dress from Ross for like $15! Your Goddaughter is too cute! I have been watching Bachelor Pad - LOVE all the drama!