Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All things LOVED in August

I can't believe the month is over, but its time for another round of:

all things LOVED in the month of August

1. Rimmel Nail Polish - Steel Grey
if the color is not fabulous enough to have you rush out to buy it - the brush applicator has made Rimmel my new favorite brand of nail polish. the brush is wide, and it spreads out over your entire nail while painting and it goes on smoothly.
don't get me wrong - i will miss the fun and exciting names of OPI and essie [and i may go back every now and then if i need a new color....]
but for now I'm on team Rimmel

2. New York and Company - City Stretch Lux - 5th Avenue Straight Pant
i needed new work pants and ny&co had a buy one pair get another 1/2 off
i took full advantage of it!
i love the large flair at the bottom of the pant [esp with a pair of stilettos], along with the comfortability, and professional look
[oh and a smaller size than i'm used to buying - if thats not a perfect reason to buy 2 pairs i don't know what is]

3. Yagoot
have you ever heard of this?
it is plain yogurt and you top it with fresh ingredients
i had alligator crunch [oatmeal, brown sugar and butter - YUM!] and blackberries
so refreshing

4.Little League World Series

i love watching the little kids get SO excited to play
and you know that they are there for the right reason and not for $ like MLB

5. Wrigley's 5 Solstice Gum
This gum is delicious - it reminds me of Orbit's sweet mint but
the flavor lasts much longer - its a little bit of sweet and a little bit of mint
mmmm delicious!

and in case you missed July's edition here it is


Aly @ Analyze This said...

I love that steel gray! Pretty!!

Lindsay said...

THAT gum is my favorite :)

L said...

ummm. fabulous color. going to get it after work. where is the yagoo place? is it a chain?

lindsey said...

That nail polish is fabulous! I need to go out and buy some now...

Brittany said...

I wish I could wear NY&C pants, but they never fit right!! I have really short legs and they are not made for people like me!

Kerbi said...

I love that steel gray nail polish!

Kelly said...

Tooooooootally bought this shade of nail polish yesterday JUST because you think it's the best!! Hahaha, blog life spans into shopping ;-) I'm excited to try it out!

I adore watching little league too, they're just so adorable!! Greg was in competitive baseball down in Kansas before he moved he moved to Nebraska (he's been all over the midwest) and I loooove looking at his old photos, soo cute!