Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - Random Tips!

Top 2 Tips
(money saving tips, beauty tips, DIY tips, cooking tips, cleaning tips, blogging tips, shopping tips etc)

i'm not going to lie - i struggled a little bit with this weeks T2T... its so broad and I could take this in a million different directions.. i am definitely a person who needs structure!

so without further adieu:

1. Make Lists
as we all know - i'm a list maker
but when its not a to-do list
its a shopping list and i do this purely to save money

Grocery Shopping
i make my list based off of what we NEED - essentials [something that we may have run out of from the week before - i.e. dishwasher detergent, lotion, foil], then i make our menu for the week based off of what is on sale, what i have a coupon for and what i already have at home [i stock pile chicken and freeze it - srrsly i could feed a small army right now with the amount of chicken i have]
i typically spend between $35-$45 a week at the grocery store 3 times a month and then 1 time is when i typically stock up on meat [ground turkey when on sale, turkey sausage and brats, and chicken] and that normally ends up costing me about $100
but this way i only buy what is necessary to make the meals for the week along with the necessary items for the house

Target/any other shopping
I have to go into target or any other store [Marshall's/Homegoods/TJ Maxx/Hobby Lobby] with a list - otherwise I could/would/have gone hog wild and not bought anything I NEEDED just merely what I wanted.

Not too long ago my family all went to church together and the sermon was all about contentment - they handed out a plastic card [like your Giant Eagle card] to put on your keys that had this phrase on it - and I love it and often refer to it when I'm out shopping

"Lord, help me to be grateful for what I have, to remember that I don't need most of what I want, and that joy is found in simplicity and generosity."
Enough by Adam Hamilton

2. Set a Goal and Stick with It

This past spring I trained for a 1/2 marathon - and not being a runner - i had some doubts about actually running the race, however i knew that i had paid $65 for the race - and I knew that i needed to do it to get my moneys worth.
sometimes just spending the money is that much more of a motivator for me. you don't want to bow out of something after you have an investment in something

Honorable Mention
I read this one in Real Simple -

you should never fight with your boyfriend/husband unless you are nakey
the person who wrote into RS said that any argument between her and her husband do not last very long...

I do not practice this myself but its too funny not to include on this kind of a post
[don't worry mom, grandma and great grandma who all read my blog!]

Now head on over to Taylor's blog and look at other bloggers helpful hints!


Miss Chelsea said...

that last tip is hilarious

Ashley said...

Haha...love the fighting tip. :)

I am a list maker too and it does help...until I sway from it.

Helena said...

I love your tips- especially the fighting one!

I'm stopping by from Top Two Tuesday

Michelle (michabella) said...

I am totally a list maker!! And absolutely an OHIO STATE BUCKEYE!!! There are many of us reppin' the nut down here in Orlando, Fl :)


Syndal said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Thank you for writing about lists! I LOVE making lists and they are really helpful! your blog is so cute btw :)

B said...

Ohhhhhh make lists is a good one. I HAVE to do that or i'll forget everything.

Have a good day, love!

New Mommy!!! said...

Great tips. List are great. Makes me feel so organized. Freezing def saves money.

Someone gave us that advice about fighting naked at our wedding. I think it has to do with feeling insecure whne you're naked, so you are less mean. Either that or you feel absolutely ridiculous, and you laugh at each other.

The hubs and I love to argue, so we don't do it, but we did try a couple times, ha! It does work.

My mom make sa casserole like that too, they're fab!

Caroline said...

I have to have a list at the store. Love the quote! I might have to try that!

Kerbi said...

Great tips! I agree with making lists, I HAVE to make one when I go to the grocery store or I spend way too much money on food we will never eat!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

great tips! ahhaha I love that last one!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

I'm a big lover of lists! Great tips and you are too cute in the header pic :)

midwesterngal said...

I love making lists. I make lists for everything!

Julieeexo said...

love your tips!

Brianna! said...

hahahaaaa that last tip is really REALLY a laugher

Kelsey Claire said...

I am with you on all fronts especially the lists. It works even better when I make a list and have TJ go and do the shopping. He knows NOT to go off the list, but I am not always as good at that as he is!