Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the boys of fall

have you heard Kenny Cheseney's newest release
the boys of fall?

every time i hear it - it reminds me that football season is just around the corner
and i just picture the small towns all across the nation
living their lives vicariously through the hometown football team

i can't wait for it to be finally be here

but until then i will just live through Kenny's new song

When I feel that chill and smell that wet cut grass

I'm back in my helmet cleats and shoulder pads
Standin in the huddle listenin to the call
Fans going crazy for the boys of fall


They didn't let just anybody in that club
Took every ounce of heart and sweat and blood
To get to wear those game day jerseys down the hall
King of the school man we're the boys of fall

Well it's turnin' to face the stars and stripes
It's fighting back them butterflies
It's call it in the air alright, yes sir we want the ball

And it's knockin heads and talkin trash
It's slinging mud and dirt and grass


It's I got your number, I got your back
When your backs against the wall
You mess with one man you got us all
The Boys of Fall


In little towns like mine it's all they got
Newspapers clippings fill the coffee shops
The old men will always think they know it all
Young girls will dream of The Boys of Fall

The boys of fall


michelle ellis said...

Reading this makes me want to go to a highschool football game :) You've inspired me to look up the schedule and pick one - thank you! Isn't there just something special about high school football???

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Great Post! Here in our small Texas town, football is our life. Im ready!!

Lindsay said...

Love this post! And I love this song! We are from So Cal so high school and college football isnt as big as in the small towns so it always makes me appreciate "those" towns! :)

Kelly said...

Omigod... I am SUCH a dork. So I was reading this post and for like 5 full seconds I TOTALLY did not know these were lyrics (or I'm assuming they are?) and thought that 1) either YOU somehow played football or 2) Justin was blogging. Omg, I'm sooo dense, HAHAH! I love me some country, so I'll have to check out the song!

Happy Wednesday, Lindsey :-D

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Great post! I love that song, so much! Can you believe its football season?! I am excited, just not sure I am ready...!

d.a.r. said...

Ahh October is my most favoritest month. Not too cold yet but all of the fun fall pleasures!

Love this post...hurry up fall!

Brittany said...

I haven't heard this song yet but I am in love already!! I'm going to have to listen to ::)

It totally took me to October/November and all of the leaves changing and back to high school where the boys would walk the halls in their football jerseys ready for the big day! I love Fall. Maybe it's because I was ALMOST a fall baby? Haha.

Very cute post! :)

Kandi said...

i am madly in love with kenny chesney... and the boys of fall is the most perfect song! :) it reminds me of my husband... who oddly enough wasn't ever a football player. haha. i think thats just every single kenny chesney song, though. :)