Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Recap

We spent last night in Dayton celebrating a house warming party AND Jess completing her masters degree.

On our way to Dayton Mike decided it was necessary to pick up this:

The only thing that stole the show more than Big Papa was this little guy...
The rest of the evening we did the following:

few icing moments
played left, right, center
i had someone ask what all the money is about.

its for the game left, right center
everyone starts with 3 dollars in front of them [the bigger the group the more fun and the bigger the pot of money] you have 3 dice - on 3 of the sides of the die they have a L, R, C and the other 3 sides have dots on them... you roll the dice - and you pass your money according to what you roll [1 dollar per die]. you clearly want 3 dots - but thats not necessarily the luck every time, so you pass the money around every roll - if you roll an L you pass one dollar to your left, an R one dollar to the right and if you roll a C your money goes into the center pot. you can only roll as many dice as you have dollar bills in front of you [the maximum you can roll is 3] - and the last person to have money in front of them wins the money.

it is very simple but at the same time VERY competitive - you start cheering for the people around you to either roll a L or an R and put the money in front of you again. you are never necessarily out of the game - but you have to have money in front of you in order to roll the dice.

**and if you don't have LCR dice set you can use regular die as a 1 to the left, 2 to the right, and 3 to the center**

its a lot of fun, and its one of those games, that every time we all get together we end up playing it! we all just know to show up with enough singles to play LCR

does anyone else play this game - or is it just an Ohio thing?

a few late night rides on the easy scoot
[this thing was wild... it has a horn, running, lights and all of the bells and whistles]
took a few pictures

Justin and myself

Jess [the hostess with the mostest], Lauren and myself
and late night talks and games of catchphrase around the campfire

we had so much fun - thank you so much jimmy and jess for having us all at your house! we are so lucky to have such a great group of friends that all live so close.

also today is my parents 29th wedding anniversary!
i am so fortunate to have such amazing role models of what a relationship is all about
Congrats Mom and Dad - i love you both VERY much!

i hope you all had a great weekend!


Brittany said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! Great picture of you and Justin!

Ashley said...

I agree, that is such a great picture of you! Looks like a lot of fun. What's with all the money on the table?! :)

Lindsay said...

Looks like a great weekend! Happy Anniversary to your parents :)

Miss Chelsea said...

We play Left Right Center all the time! Usually just with quarters though (I need to convince everyone to play with dollars!!)

mjellis said...

I love your green dress - so cute!
Yes, we play LCR at the lake house, it is too fun!

Kelly said...

Omigosh, that game looks like sooooo much FUN!! We're always looking for fun drinking games, thanks for sharing!

Yesterday was MY parents' 29th wedding anniversary TOO! Crazy, huh? Hahaha :-D

Looks like you had SUCH a fun weekend!

Brittany said...

That game seems pretty fun :)

And that easy scoot is TOO funny!! I can only imagine riding on it haha.

Congrats to your parents! That's pretty awesome :)