Sunday, August 15, 2010

miscellany on monday

i hope ya'll had a wonderful weekend!
ours was pretty uneventful but very productive :)
friday- JM and I golfed and then went out to dinner
saturday - i watched my friends baby beckett and cleaned the house
sunday - we celebrated JM's grandma's 89th bday and watched the PGA championship

all the TLC that i have given my tomato plant this summer has finally started to pay off - i picked all of these little guys this weekend and I can't wait to make a meal out of them today

i got my first silly band today from Michaela [justin's cousin] and i'm kinda excited... thanks Michaela!

i'm still a little bitter about the ending of the PGA championship... i feel badly for dustin johnson [i don't agree with the call regarding him grounding his club] and bubba watson [that he put his 2nd shot into the water on the final playoff hole]... oh well there is always next year!

we have some new residents living with us.. ANTS.... i totally understand that it is 90+ degrees outside, and my air conditioned condo is much more comfortable to live in - but srrsly - its time for them to get out of here!

i made a new meal this past week that was delicious! i forgot to take pictures while making the dinner - but here is the recipe from real simple - it was delicious!
sauteed chicken with peanut dipping sauce

big brother has totally sucked me in - however i still have questions after every show - and yesterday's show is no different
**can matt use the diamond power of veto to put brendan on the block?**

alright now head on over to lowercase letters by carissa and link up to her blog on your randomness for a monday!


Witness Protection Program said...

Grumble ANTS!!!! We have a particularly resilent batch at our house. We recently moved to a new place and the ants were the head of the welcoming committee. GRRRR!!!

I have tried everything and recently started making head way with Bay Leaves (just left out in cabinets), vinegar (sprayed daily- it helps kill their scent trail so more and more don't keep coming), and talc powder (I am using foot powder).

So far I am most impressed with the talc powder. I sprinkled it in the bathroom and within 12 hours I saw 6 dead ants. If they eat the talc, it dries up their innards and kills them. Cruel.

Good Luck!!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I'm not sure what Matt can do .... but if I remember correctly, Matt can totally change the nominations, however, with B being HoH, does that include him?? Hmmmm....

Miss Chelsea said...

Dang that elephant has some junk in the trunk... wait the tail end I mean, not his actual trunk!! =)

Alli said...

I'm pretty certain the usage of the diamond power of veto excludes the hoh.

Kelly said...

Glad you had a great weekend! Your tomatoes are making my mouth water, YUMMO!! I don't "get" those bandz things, so silly ;-) And I feel bad for Dustin Johnson too!! I may have a teensy little crush on him (sooo cute!) He's had a hard year in golf lately... Greg is all about planning a Guy's Trip to Whistling Straights next year... geez, golf ;-)

Jenny said...

I'm obsessed with BB right now! Just finished watching last night's episode & I can't wait for Wed night.

Brittany said...

The silly band is adorable - I love elephants :)

Okay, since I'm basically obsessed with BB, Matt can put up ANYONE but the HOH for nominations. He's obviously going to put up Britney because Ragan is his BFF and they want to take Kathy to the final 5 since she's such an easy target.