Monday, August 9, 2010

Make Me A Meal Monday- Breakfast Casserole

I figured it has been a while since I have posted a MMAMM so I thought I would start to bring it back...

This past weekend I was asked to bring a dish down to Dayton - and because there are only so many salads that one person can have - I thought I would bring breakfast in the morning and there is nothing better than waking up to breakfast casserole.

Ingredients Needed:
8 slices of bread
8 eggs
8 slices of american cheese
1 package of sausage
2 cups of milk
spray your pan
Tear up your 8 pieces of bread - or if you are lazy like myself whip out your electric knife and go to town [I used to love to break up the bread for my mom - its a great way to have your kids help out in the kitchen!]
place your chopped up bread into the greased pan
lay your cheese over the bread
brown your sausage and place that on top of your cheese
Beat eggs and milk together
and pour over casserole
put into the oven for 40 minutes at 350 - the middle should be bubbled up
cut into squares and enjoy
This is one of those recipes that is better if you make it up the night ahead of time and then cook it.


Ms. Emily Ann said...

Yummmmm! Breakfast is my fave meal! And I love trying new recipes! Thanks for sharing!

Mama Laughlin said...

LOOOVE breakfast casserole!!!
one of my faves! ur making me drool over here! :)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

YUM! Ive got to try this!

Lindsay said...

This looks amazing. I must write it down :)

Charlotte said...

yum! i love bfast casserole!!!

Kelly said...

Yay!!! I do this recipe TOO!! Looove it :-D It's so tasty and I like how you can make it really good for you too if you want (egg beaters, fat free cheese, etc...)

Melissa said...

This looks delicious!!!!! I think I'll try it!