Sunday, August 1, 2010

All things LOVED in July

I can't quiet believe that July has already passed... its hard to believe - right?!
One of my favorite blogs - All things G&D - does an all things loved in things loved in the past month

so i thought i would share with you some of my favorite things that I have discovered in the past month

1. Reality TV [well my recent new obsessions]

Bethenny Getting Married?
OMG - she is hysterical! i find myself eager for Thursday to roll around every week.

whether its her peeing in a bucket before her wedding ceremony, or wanting her baby to be happy, healthy and with a va-jay-jay, to struggling to get the baby out of the car from their ride back from the hospital... you never know what is going to happen next
basically if you haven't seen it - i would HIGHLY recommend tuning in to a marathon on Bravo ASAP!

Big Brother

I really didn't want to get addicted to this 3 day a week show - but i think i am...
The showmances, the drama and HOH
As of right now I am rooting for Brittany and Regan - who do you want to win the $$

2. Grey Goose and Soda with 3 limes
In honor of Bethenny I thought I would try a skinny girl vodka tonic... and with 3 limes it is unbelievably refreshing! I am not one to shy away from miller lite or michelob ultra, however, its a nice change up every now and then

3. My Guess Wedges

I bought these to wear with a sundress for a casual wedding ceremony and I have gotten more wear out of my DSW wedges. You can dress them up or dress them down - and they are beyond comfortable!

4. Treadmills

After attempting a run earlier this month outside at 7am-with humidity out of control - along with a mix of asthma - i have decided to train indoors for the rest of the summer months... I am so thankful for treadmills... and I can't wait for the cooler evenings to be able to run again outside.


Lindsay said...

I love those wedges. SO cute!

Christa said...

Love your wedges!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I love those wedges! Im using your top 2 this week :)

McKenna said...

LOVE YOUR Wedges! looks like I am not the only one who likes them either! lol

Brittany said...

LOVE Bethenny and your shoes!!!

Christina said...

I'm lovin' the wedges!
And Oh how I wish I had a treadmill!
I've had to start jogging before 6 am to avoid heat stroke...

Brittany said...

The wedges are SO cute! I'm also addicted to Big Brother. I love Enzo, he cracks me up! I'm quiet sad that Rachel won HOH again, she annoys me to the high heavens. I'm also rooting for Britney

Kelly said...

I just Love, Love, LOVE Bethenny Getting Married? It's the best show, she is hilarious and her and Jason are just sooo sweet.

I have a pair of wedges that are similar to yours and I just adore them. They're soo comfy and you're right, I can dress mine up or down!

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

I cant miss an episode of Bethenny, she is too funny. Peeing in the bucket was classic, and sooo her. LOL LOL. Cute shoes btw.