Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Toledo Reunion

Last night we had a mini Toledo reunion.... and it was just what I needed before the holiday. The guys we met up with were some of my closest friends from college. I was also excited that I could introduce J to some of my closest friends from school... and even more excited that they approved of him (j/k!) Although we may not see each other frequently, a majority of this group has been close since before our freshman year of school, we met at a YMCA camp for freshman on UTs campus... and as much hesitation that I had about going to the camp Icame away with some of the people who would become my best friends in college!

All of us at dinner
After dinner we went to the bar and hung out for a while, I wish that I didn't have to work today, or else I could have stayed up all night catching up with the guys. We had such a good time, and it was nice not to have a care in the world and just relax and be with a great group of friends! It really made me miss college

J, myself and Ryan

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