Friday, December 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday...12/10

So it is officially Friday and I'm just now getting a minute to post what I am thankful for... and trust me - its not that i'm not thankful for anything this week... its just been many of late nights preparing for a cookie exchange for work today, and my girls night in martini party tomorrow!

But I am thankful for a few things

I had a dentist appointment this morning before work - i know a great way to start the work day - right??? but I have no Cavities - which is something to be VERY thankful for... and something I am even more thankful for is the sonic that is directly behind the dentist office - and every time I was able to rinse my mouth out and sit up, I just saw it there staring at me.. which is very tramatic for a girl who has not had her daily (okay maybe several daily) diet cokes!!! don't worry - I hit up the drive through to get a Route 44 before work!!!
I am also very thankful that the Cleveland Browns beat the Steelers tonight. I know that in reality a point in the win column simply means a drop in the draft column come spring, however a win against the Pittsburg Steelers (**Just a reminder - they did win the super bowl last year**) but it almost feels as if we won the super bowl ourselves. I have always said that Josh Cribbs is the best member of our team and he definately proved that tonight! CONGRATS BROWNIES!!

And one more thing I'm thankful for today.... these two

Last night I went to Gracie out the back door to let her go to the bathroom, and when I slid the glass door open she immediately went to run out and ran right into the screen door (which I then felt really badly about), but then she immediately did it again.... and then looked right up at me like "hey crazy lady, how in the heck am I supposed to get out of the place to go play?". Poor Gracie.... she did much better today with waiting for the screen door!

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