Sunday, December 13, 2009

Condo living is wonderful opportunity for first time home buyers, however it does not lead itself to many decoration options.. so I will share with you a few that I have up at my place, however, I am hoping to get MANY ideas for next year!

This is my mantle above my fireplace. It is a work in progress. (So if you have any ideas on how to make it better - I am open to ANY suggestion!)
My absolute favorite part of my mantle are the stockings, they were my great grandfathers, who had polio, and my great great grandma hand knitted all of his socks. We came across the socks when we were going through quilts that my great grandma had, and I HAD to have his socks for my stockings!

I saw this idea in a magazine a long time ago, however I never had a house of my own to decorate, so I was finally so excited when I was able to hang large ornaments from my banister going upstairs!

One without the flash so you can see the ornaments true colors a little better -i'm starting to realize that my little sony cybershot might be nice for pictures of my friends and family, however I need to learn how to take picture on the right setting if I am going to share them with all of you!
I have this card holder set up in the space/cut out between my (VERY SMALL) kitchen, and my living room. I don't put any of my xmas card in it because it would just clutter the stand, I just like the added christmas trees to the house
My half bath on the first floor is the only bathroom I have decorated. It will stay this way all of winter, where there is anything snowflake now, there are normally flowers for the other 3 seasons! My sister has made all of the pictures for the wall - she is so talented with the computer and photography.. perhaps i should take a few pointers from her - ha!

This little shelf doesn't have many holiday things on it, just my little snowboarder marshmallow ornament and a tin from my grandparents with pine trees punched into the sides

Here is my xmas tree again, I have added a few more teal bulbs since the Show us Your Life Christmas Tree.. I think it was just what it was missing - minus a topper...

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Destination Seaborn said...

I'm loving that color scheme! Green and blue, so refreshing and sophisticated! Happy Holidays! ~Lisa