Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Not so thrifty Tuesday

So i totally know that I have been slacking lately.. and i apologize, I would like to make up excuses like its the craziest time of the year - but that means I should be full of good things to share with all of my friends - right?! well tonight was no exception, I had my departments work xmas party, went to the mall to pick up xmas gifts for JM and my sister, and then came back and wrapped all of my gifts... and that leaves me here tonight at 10:40 trying to come up with a blog post...

I did however see a really neat craft idea that I am hoping to make within the next week or so. My VPs assistant showed me something that she had received from a from a friend and you will need the following products

A 1'X1' piece of slate (as smooth as possible)

I haven't actually gone to the store and looked at my options for paints, however from what i read online Apple Barrel Paints would work, and would be non - toxic, however I want to do my own research as well.
Cheese Spreader
You can use plain cheese spreaders or you can get fancy ones to match your plates

Felt Feet

What I envision doing is painting the letter of the couples last name in the middle of the slate, or if its for hosting a party I could always do something to match the kitchen of the host (with either polka dots - because I am crazy about polka dots or doing something relative to the seasons). Once your paint has dried add felt feet to the bottom of your piece of tile, so it doesn't scratch the counter of the receipent.
After everything has dried, you will tie up the chalk and the cheese spreader with a piece of ribbon (polka dot of course - ha!) and voila - you have a perfect holiday gift of a hostess gift that is unique and original. Here is something that looks similiar to what I was envisioning - however once your personalized twists are added it will be WAY cuter! (<--- and yes I know thats not a word, however I'm super tired, and I my brain has turned off!) As soon as I find time (and energy) to make one I will SURELY post it!

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