Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby its cold outside...

My family left for the annual ski trip out west on Christmas day, hence all of the Christmases' celebrated prior to the 25th.
This year my mom planned our trip to Aspen - a place we had never been but we try somewhere different every year. So far we really like aspen - we have skied/snow boarded aspen mountain (yesterday and then again today) and we will try snowmass and buttermilk the remaining 3 days we are here.
We have had some chilly weather thus far, both mornings we have woken up here it has been -4 degrees (and I think I have frostbite on my toe so I am staying in for a little bit this morning in hopes to have it warm up before I hit the slopes!). We did have a few celebrity sightings - we saw Seal coming off the lift - and being star struck and not knowing how to respect their privacy quietly - I told my entire family and we quickly re-routed our next run so we could all see him. As if that wasn't enough I made my mom pose for a picture while I zoomed in on him- and then he waved - talk about utter embarrassment! I quickly boarded off as I realize that celebs deserve vacations as much as we do and I should respect their privacy. Lesson learned.
So I'm off to get bundled up for the day - I will try and post again later, I just don't have my cord and computer here to upload photos (and I know I appreciate photos in posts that I read so I will see what I can do from my phone).
Have a wonderful Sunday :)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun!! Where was Heidi?? Ha!

I've been having trouble making comments with my gmail account.

This is Aly. :)