Monday, January 3, 2011

let the predictions begin....

Welcome 2011 my blogging lovelies!

As we all know that not only is it a new year but its also a new season of the bachelor [and it may just be the most hated bachelor ever! but after all we wouldn't watch it if there wasn't drama in EVERY episode - right?!]

Can you actually believe that Brad Womack is the new bachelor?!?!

So after talking to one of my friends, and realizing how much fun football fantasy drafts can be - we decided that making a bachelor fantasy draft [of who you think is going to make it to the final rose and who do you think gets the boot every week].

So with today being the first episode - I want you to pick who you think [not who reality steve told you to pick] will be the person with the final rose at the end of the season!

I'm all about competition - and there will be a prize whoever gets the most right over the course of the next several weeks... [and lets be honest - who doesn't love a little friendly competition!]

So let the commenting begin - who do you think Brad will propose to at the end of the season?!!?

Here are the girls:

24 years old
Apparel Merchant

Ashley H
26 years old
DentistAshley S
26 years old
Ellerbe, NCBritnee
25 years old
25 years old
Food Writer
28 years old
Executive AssistantCristy
30 years old
24 years old
Childrens' Hospital Even PlannerJ
26 years old
Operations ManagerJackie
27 years old
28 years old
Sales DirectorKeltie
28 years old
Radio City RocketteKimberly
27 years old
Marketing CoordinatorLacey
27 years old
Insurance AgentLauren
26 years old
High School TeacherLindsay
25 years old
1st grade teacherLisa M
24 years old
Marketing CoordinatorLisa P
27 years old
Sales ConsultantMadison
25 years old
26 years old
Sports PublicistMegan
30 years old
Fashion MarketerMelissa
32 years old
30 years old
29 years old
30 years old
28 years old
NannySarah L
25 years old
Musical Theater PerformerSarah P
27 years old
Real Estate BrokerShawntel
25 years old
Funeral DirectorStacey
26 years old
BartenderLet the predictions begin!

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Steph S. said...

hmm... I'm going with Emily, the blond! Children's Hospital event planner... yep, sounds like a winner to me! ;)

The Rinkers said...

I think Lisa M was the one whose profile I liked!

laura said...

GO TEACHERS!! :) Didn't read the profiles, but I'll always root for the get paid for nothing to do EVERYTHING teachers. So excited. Thanks for the reminder!

Brittany said...

I'm going to go with Emily, the Children's Hospital planner or Alli. I don't even know if I'm going to watch it because I don't think that he should get a second chance!

Leah said...

Lacey was a sorority sister of mine, can't wait to watch tonight. I always root for the teachers! But I totally agree with Brittany, he doesn't' deserve to be on again??

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Ahhh...I don't know who to pick!! I'll have to give you my opinion tomorrow! :)

Tickled Pink said...

Oh my.. too funny. Manscaper? Love it!

Chelsea said...

I'm thinking Emily. Super cute!

whitney said...

I did a bachelor top picks tonight on my blog! I'm rooting for Emily, and if Emily doesnt win, then ashley s.

Emily is TOO adorable. and Southern! love it.

Shannon said...

Is it just me or do all of these girls look alike!? I mean really? I don't think I'll be getting into this season, can you believe it!?

R said...

Someone actually named their child Keltie? And what exactly is a Manscaper?

My vote is for Lauren the teacher.

And since I missed last nights episode I'll catch up on DVR tonight. Hope I didn't blow it already!

Melissa Jo said...

I'm going to have to pick Keltie for him!

Oh, and funeral director?! Really! OMG! That's just strange!

Holly said...

I haven't watched this season (though I did see the preview of the chick slapping him!), but based on looks alone, I'd say Jill. She looks real, down-to-earth, and girl-next-door-ish. I don't know if I'm going to watch this season or not, but I'm always interested to see who's the last woman standing!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I think it's going to be Emily, the girl who's from WV right? She seems pretty normal and the fact that she's from wv (my home state) makes me like her.

Kelly said...

I feel slightly unpopular because I don't really watch The Bachelor, hah! A few questions... if they don't have a profession listed, do they not work? What is a "food writer"?? :-D And what do you think of that Lisa M girl?? She went to KU :-) Who do YOU like? (or do you keep that to yourself?) Have fun watching, Lindsey!!

Tara said...

i havent made my pick yet.. maybe the chick with fangs!? hahahha.

emily said...

i'm going with emily or ashley s (the one he gave the first impression rose to, is that right?).

they edited madison's fangs out in that picture you posted. ha!

Katie K. said...

Emily is for sure my favorite! Based on how much time they spent on her story on Monday I bet she is there for quite sometime.

Jenny said...

I hope you enjoyed the Bachelor!! I gave you a stylish blogger award that I received earlier!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.