Wednesday, January 26, 2011

So What Wednesdays....

So what if:

  • I haven't blogged since last Wednesday... I've been out of town, and I will do a whole recap tomorrow of vacation, I did bring my computer with intentions of blogging, however I am so dumb with technology I couldn't figure out how to connect it to the wireless Internet and ended up just relying on my phone with fb and twitter to stay connected to most of my favorite bloggers
  • I have become semi addicted to twitter... there i said it!
  • I was really hoping to peak into the fire truck that ran through the village of Vail when we were there to see if Ryan Sutter was on the ladder truck.. I mean there is a slight chance it could have been his unit day? right?!
  • I drank straight from the 2 liter when we were packing up to leave Vail because I didn't want to dirty a dish in the condo that we were staying in, and then I realized it was such a novel idea not to dirty a cup I did it again last night at home while sitting on the couch [okay - maybe last nights piece was pure laziness]
  • I feel like I should have taken a day off just to catch up on my DVR. Last night alone I watched the following shows : Top Chef, RHOBH [sooo good and juicy!], Biggest Loser [Sorry President Obama, although I would love to have your wife's arms, I do not appreciate you cutting off one of my tv shows for the State of the Union Address.. sorry that i'm not that into politics-please don't hate me for saying that!], 2 episodes of Teen Mom [and yes I'm kinda loving Lea and Corey], and Holly's World ...
  • We got a save the date in the mail yesterday addressed to Justin Woogie and Lindsey... Justin's nickname growing up has always been Woogie.. and apparently they found it quiet funny to use that rather than his last name.. i got a kick out of it.. however, I do not think I would appreciate being called Lindsey Woogie - JS!
  • I still haven't unpacked my bag - I just keep taking out pieces of clothing that I need and the rest of the suit case just sits in the middle of my floor [i know mom, your shocked! ha!]
  • Hate the saying "I know, right?!?!" it just annoys me, and makes my blood pressure rise!
  • I read a Nicholas Sparks book on vacation -and yes I realize that I'm 27 and still reading his books, but they are good
  • I finished the book in 2 days
  • I cried on the plane while reading the ending! I have never cried before during a book.. guess I won't be reading in public anytime soon!
  • My attempt to maintain my current weight until we start round 2 of the biggest loser is not working out so well... I have lost 3lbs in the process of trying to gain/maintain. Here's to hoping a lunch consisting of hibachi next Monday will increase my sodium intake so much that I will have water weight for the first weigh in...
  • I'm slightly freaked out by the fairly new guy in our office. I swear he is a clone of me - we have WAY too parallel - here are a few that we have caught onto thus far, and we don't even work together on a daily basis:
our birthdays are a day a part, we live across the street from one another, we both drive VW, we go to the same church, we both showed up at work yesterday wearing peacoats and Burberry scarves, we both went to leave for the day and realized we had on fleece North Face gloves, we work out at the same gym...

Would you be kinda wigged out by all of this? Or is just me?

So what are you saying so what to today?

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Lindsay said...

Hope you had fun on your vacay :)

I am loving leah and corey on teen mom he seems like such a sweet person and she finally realized it! but what about janelle? whoah I get so mad watching her. RHOBH was amazing as well.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Amanda said...

i hate getting behind on the DVR! lol! glad you had fun! :)

Lindsay Thomas said...

Oh my gosh, the last time I was on a plane, I took my book Flashbang. It is hilarious. I literally had to stop reading because I was laughing out loud. So it got to the point where I was trying to hold it in so then I would make weird squeaky noises and there was someone right next to me. Even after I stopped reading I would burst out laughing! haha! So, I hear you on reading in public. It's hit or miss!

Molly said...

I already told you on twitter, but I LOVE Corey and Leah too, they are kind of cute! I actually like this season that all the mom's seem to have their heads on straight (minus Janelle). I'm excited for next weeks episode after seeing the previews. Is it sick that we love that show?

WEIRD about your co-worker! I'd be a little wigged out too!

Glad you're home safe and sound!

and p.s. I'm kind of addicted to twitter too! ;)

Brittany said...

Hope you had fun on vacation!!

What Nicholas Sparks book did you read? I love his books :)

Leah & Corey are my favorite too. How can you not like them?

That is super strange about your co-worker, at least I think so.

Have a great Wednesday!

Daisy said...

i cry all the time from reading books! Ever since having my daughter for some reason i get emotional very easily.. especially from reading nicholas sparks books ha

and the iphone i agree when i'm without it i feel completely naked and makes me a nervous wreck when its about to die.. =) ohhh technology

Jagged Little Life said...

Ah I read a Nicholas Sparks book on a plane once and bawled my eyes out.. I never read anything but light hearted fluff now!

Lindsi said...

I was irrate over the State of the Union business interrupting the Biggest Loser too--no worries, you weren't alone!

Alli said...

Ohhh! I say 'I know, right!?' all the time! I must have drove you nuts over vaca! sorry!

Lindsay said...

How was your vaca? Amazing I bet!

Jenny said...

Don't worry, I'm still watching shows on my DVR from December! The bad thing is, I'll sometimes forget to fast forward the commercials & catch a commercial for another show and get excited about it until I realize the commercial is 2 months old!

Can't wait to hear about your vacation.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Hey there's nothing wrong with Sparks' books, they're good!! Glad you had a great vacation!

Shannon said...

OMG when we got back from FL my DVR was never ending! I'm STILL catching up!!!