Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Recap - Martini Party and BDay Party

This weekend has been jammed packed with girlfriends! Sometimes that is just what the doctor ordered [or maybe not when you have bronchitis and a sinus infection! but it was a good way to get my lazy a$$ sick a$$ off the couch!]

Friday night I had my annual girls martini party. I look forward to this every year.

I set up the bar and food prior to the girls arrival
My martini glass veggie pizza - thanks Kelly for inspiring me!

This year instead of a martini glass exchange we chose to do a $20 gift card to any store. There were some good cards floating around... iTunes, Sephora, Express, Crate and Barrel, Amazon...

and apparently i was too wrapped up in conversation with the girls because that was the end of my pictures for the night.

Saturday Aly and I had plans to go out for one of our mutual friend's birthday downtown Columbus.

We started our night at the hotel... [felt like i was in formal again back in the sorority! ha!] we met up, some of the girls got ready, they pre-gamed, and we took lots of pictures [like i said - i felt like formal!]

Aly and I
Nicole, Kush - the birthday girl and Laurie
all the Toledo girls before going out
after we left the hotel we went to the dueling piano bar called big bang
I had never been to a piano bar and it was a lot of fun!
Laurie, myself and Aly
Aly sporting the "mom camera look" - love it! [love the strap around the neck even more! ha!]
the birthday girl and myself
at one point throughout the night they played hang on sloopy [an OSU theme song] and Laurie... one of the biggest Michigan fans that I know [who happens to be dating a buckeye fan] started singing the words without realizing what she was doing. i told her that she had to finish the song complete with the O-H-I-O at the end! [and of course i had to text her bf and let him know the small miracle that had just occurred!]
After an eventful Friday and Saturday night we had a pretty low key Sunday consisting of taking down most of the XMas decorations and went to my parents to watch football and for dinner.

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend as well!

I will have a bachelor post up around noon for the predictions to begin for who won't be getting a rose week 2! Make sure to come back and visit!

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Neely said...

Look so fun! You girls are too cute!

Lindsay said...

That pizza looks delicious :)

megan said...

What a great party idea! Looks like yall had a good weekend! :)

Jenny said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend, I hope you're feeling better!!

Allyson said...

How fun! I love having a girl's night!

Brittany said...

Looks like a great weekend to me! Glad you had fun :)

D said...

Love the Martini Party idea... I just might have to host one myself :)

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

So cute I need to have a annual party too! I think you may have inspired me to!

Mrs. Pick said...

Love the martini party idea! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend!

Shannon said...

SHut up! this is all WAY too cute! the cookies and veggie pizza take the cake for cuteness! and umm..your hair is FAB! love that ruffle top too!

Kelly said...

Looks like you girls had THE BEST weekend! Aly and you looks super adorable as always :-) Loooove the martini croissant too! Aren’t Dueling Piano bars the best? When we were at one in Denver this past summer, we requested the KU fight song and one of the performers TOTALLY knew it. We.went.nuts (or if we means ME! ;-))