Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thanks for the love:)

Thank you Julie for giving me the Versatile Blogger award, I am truly honored. I love reading your blog everyday, and I love your creativity and the gorgeous pictures that you find for your blog. The rules of this this wonderful award are that I need to post 7 interesting facts about me

1. i could eat peanut butter for every meal. i go through a container of pb in about a week and a half, i have a spoonful for breakfast everyday, and when i can't figure out what to have for dinner, i look to my staple - pb... its true!

2. i have some pretty weird quirks about food - i.e. i won't eat shredded meat of any kind - if you want to read more about my food issues - click here

3. i have a count down with a friend for kate plus 8 to return to tv (yes - even if is just Bri and I who intend on watching it - I am still VERY excited it!)

4. i have had my dog names picked out waaaaay before i had even thought about kids names. i love the names mulligan (for the dog i get from a shelter, a mulligan is a second chance in golf, and i want a second chance for the dog) and bogey. and justin wants to name a dog palmer (After palmer street where he went to college) however i'm okay with it because it went my golf theme

5. i have a VERY large extended family, i have 4 grandmas, 3 grandpas, and 2 great grandmas all still alive. i consider myself very fortunate to have known 5 of my other great grandparents before they passed as well.

6. i get really uncomfortable around people who wear socks with flip flops - like squeemy uncomfortable and i will probably walk away you because i can't look at it

7. i ALWAYS shop online or look through a flier before I go shopping so I don't impulse buy - i also make a list before i go out so i can make sure that i know EXACTLY what i am after, and i will make sure to bring any coupons with me that i may have - yes am i partially turning into my mother - absolutely, but its the only way that i know how to save money - lists, sales, and coupons!

While were on the topic of Julie from Brown Eyed Belle - I won this fabulous give-a-way from her a few weeks ago and I keep meaning to blog about it! it is perfect because i LOVE limes, and i am always about throwing fun parties for all of my friends! thanks Julie its awesome :)

and look how freakin' cute this envelope is - maybe its because i never go to the post office - but i never knew they had such cute things to ship your stuff


Neely said...

How awesome that you won a giveaway :)

Ande's Wife said...

I am excited about Kate Plus 8 too!!! I just can't help myself =)

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Aw, Lindsey, I'm so glad you loved the giveaway! And how sweet that you posted it? I ship all my packages in those envelopes, aren't they just adorable?? I hope you've had a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Mrs. Pick said...

What cute names for your future doggies! Super cute!

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

My mom and ex-step dad had three dogs, their names? Bogey, Divot, & Putter. You and your golf crazy girl! :)

P.S. Im secretly waiting on the premier of Kate plus Eight too! ha