Thursday, May 13, 2010

What not to do in an intervew.....

So maybe a few of you know that I work in HR... and I interview people for a living... through the years i have had some interesting situations/people come through my door wanting employment. I will say lately there have been some REAL characters, I would attest this to the economy, to the lack of jobs and to the desperatness of applicants... Please know that I am VERY thankful and grateful to have a job with a WONDERFUL company and every time I interview a candidate I realize that they are trying to better themselves and trying to make a little $ however, I would HIGHLY recommend leaving some of these situations out of your application/resume/interview process:

  • Please do not include your personal information on your PROFESSIONAL resume people - the other day I received a resume that told me the year and make of her car, that she had 2 pet poodles and that her friend who was Deaf had taught her alot (and yes she used a lot as one word <--- hello pet peeve of mine!)
  • Bluetooths are an awesome invention for hands free access on in your car - not as an accessory on your ear during an interview
  • Please refrain from using the word flirty on your resume
  • Please do not ask me how far back our criminal background check goes, because that just means that you have something on there that you are trying to hide
  • Please leave all family members behind at the time of your interview
  • HR people are kinda like your parents - we know if you are lying, so if you previously worked at the organization you are applying to work at again - please disclose this information upfront - WE WILL FIND OUT...
  • If you were referred by someone to apply, please know the FULL name of the person who referred you - it looks A LOT less credible if you only know her name is Katie
  • Just like bluetooths, hats are a nice accessory to your outfit, not to wear during interviews
Those are just a few that I can think of off the top of my head... some of my candidates never cease to amaze me. I hope some of these gave you a laugh today!


Kelly said...

When I worked at a cotton mill (in college) I worked in the HR department, people would bring their kids to the interview and I don't think that they'd had a bath in days. We would have to open windows and spray Lysol after they left!

Jenni said...

Oh my! You really have to wonder about some people!

Annie said...

Hahaha what a great post :)

Brittany said...

Too funny!! I hate when people spell a lot as one word too. Drives me crazy!