Saturday, May 22, 2010

have you ever heard of an airplant?

I picked up this today when I was out... have you ever seen such a thing?!?!

**her name is Lola, you see if she has a name I will be much more interested in keeping her alive**

well i hadn't either. its called an airplant. it doesn't need any soil to grow, and it grows just in
air - hence the name

The more and more I learned about this $2.50 plant, the more I was intrigued

you only have to water it once every three days by dunking it in water, until it gets a to 2 or 3 years old, and then you can reduce it to once a week

they are nearly impossible to kill, which is ideal for me (well the lady at the store convinced jaci and i that it was next to impossible to kill, until jaci informed her that she had killed one a few years back)

the plant will take on the shape of whatever you put it in

i am excited to watch mine grow (which i am informed is a VERY slow process) to see what it will look like

I found these other images online of what a airplant can look like after a few years


am i just living under a rock because i haven't seen these before, or am i onto a new trend??? have ya'll seen these in the past?


Brittany said...

I have never seen those before either. I am definitely interested in getting one for my classroom. I've tried all kinds of plants in there and I always kill them (probably because I forget to water them)! Where did you find this? Lowes? Home Depot?

Aly @ Analyze This said...

what.the.heck! this is interesting! i may have to get one...i am very intrigued now!

Chelsea said...

Fun! I've never heard of them... now I want one though!

Sammy said...

Whoa! That thing is kinda cool! I've never seen one before... I'll have to see if they have any here, the only thing I can keep alive is aloe haha.