Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So What Wednesdays....

Its been a while since I have linked up with Shannon for

So what ...

..if I subscribe to the Big Brother news feed for twitter.. and I continue to watch the show 3 times a week even though I know what to expect on Sundays and Wednesdays

...I went to the grocery store for the first time last week since the beginning of July {sounds a little similar to my blogging schedule! ha!}

...I drive to the mailbox daily in hopes my Erin Condren planner will be here.. if its not here tomorrow, I may be calling customer service.. I'm getting impatient!

...After a rough day in the office last week, I contemplated being poor and a bum rather than having money with a job! I then realized I should be thankful to have a job

...I'm loving that wedding season has started, along with the showers and bachelorette parties that are included.

...if as soon as I got the clear that softball season was over I chucked our weeks packed with visiting of friends. I feel like I haven't been able to do this all summer

...I'm offended that Casey Anthony has been seen in a buckeye hat! Please please please don't kick us while were down!

...I'm trying to let some rude comments left on my reunions FB wall not affect me. Its been difficult to plan a high school reunion for a class of 500+ people. I'm fully aware that we are not going to please EVERYONE, however the hurtful words that are left towards the committee members have really bothered me. Next time I'm half tempted to let them plan the 15 year reunion.

... I'm stressing about finding time for a long run this weekend, sure hope I fit it in

Happy Wednesday Lovelies!

Head on over to Shannon's blog and let us all know what you are saying "so what to" this week!

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Domesticated-Bliss said...

I'm really nervous about my 10 year, I know it's really difficult to plan as you said, and I hate to be a critic...but my class reunion committee is trying to plan a cruise for ours. I'm from a very rural low-economic county and most of my classmates have kids (not me, but most) I feel it's the wrong way to go, but don't know how to say this...nicely lol. Any advice??

Lacey said...

When we planned our reunion last year it was the most stressful thing ever. It took the committee almost 6 months to agree on anything and once we finally made it public no one was happy. If I had known what a pain in the ass it was going to be, I never would have run for Student Council in high school! The good news is you only have to worry about it once every 5 or 10 years!! Oh, and I didn't know Big Brother had a twitter feed, please share! I'm going to need that.

Jenna said...

I am obsessed with Big Brother, I don't know why I didn't realize I could get the updates on twitter.. I am going to be following that starting now! haha.

Sorry planning the reunion is so stressful, hope it gets better! :)

danielle said...

New follower here by way of Life After I "Dew", just wanted to say hello. :)

The Balch Bunch said...

OK so now I think I need one of these life planners... everyone is talking about them... they will be on one kings lane friday!

good luck on the long run!!

Amanda said...

i'm rather jealous about your erin condren planner!!! i hope it comes for you soon! i can't wait to order one for myself too! hope you have a great day!

Michal Renee' said...

That is very cold of your class to be so hateful! :( I'm secretly happy that I don't have to worry about a high school reunion as a homeschooler for that reason. Now I just have to go to my hubbys with him and be his "trophy wife" as he likes to call me. HA!

Marian said...

I think the same thing about my job at least once a week!