Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pour Some Summer on Me Swap Goodies

I hope everyone had as much fun with your partners for the "Pour Some Summer On Me" blog swap as I did. I have included a link at the bottom of this post so you can share your goodies as well.

Its my understanding that with the holiday that some bloggers have waited to send their swap partners gifts, which is absolutely fine. I will leave up the link so once you have received your goods, make sure to come back and link up!

I was paired up with Kindra from Keeping up with Kindra. Right away I was excited because I love her blog - her blog is so modern, and she has great style [no pressure for me to buy the perfect items for her or anything! ha!] I thoroughly enjoyed shopping for Kindra and tried to keep her summer items with the same color scheme as she has on her blog - so everything she received was hot pink and navy [which happen to be 2 of my most favorite color also!]

She was so cute in sending me pictures of her and her dog enjoying a few of the items that I had sent her!

I was giddy with excitement when I walked up to the mailbox on Saturday to a package of goodies from Kindra.

When I opened up my box of goodies, it was as if I had opened up summer. It smelled so good and it just smelled like coconut and sun block! [heaven!]

I think the item that I have put to use the most thus far has to be the koozie, for some reason drinks taste better to me if in a can that is being hugged by a koozie.. don't ask me why?! And this one being leopard print AND green and silver - hello - perfect!

I LOVE the variety of bath and body works candles. I always have a candle warmer on in my house, they are so convenient just to keep the house smelling fresh, and I can't wait to use my 4 new scents. I absolutely love the fresh watermelon hand soap, and the coconut body scrub.... umm hello! this will be heaven after a long day in the sun.

In addition to the bath and body works goodies, she also included an air freshener [what a cute idea!], post it notes [can a girl really ever have too many post-it notes?]

I can't wait to see what you and your partner exchanged. Link up below and show off your fabulous goodies!

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Caroline said...

Awesome stuff!!! :)

Amanda said...

that is summer in a box for sure!!!! love it all! :)

Ashley said...

great stuff! I love the coozie!!

Allyson said...

Cute coozie!

Ashley said...

Great stuff! :) Love all the smells of Summer.

Leah said...

Love all your stuff, especially those little candles!

Amy Childress said...

how do i join this?? i wanna join the swap.

hit me up @