Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So What Wednesdays....

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day, and you were able to take time out of your busy day and reflect on all of our armed forces who are serving currently and those who have previously served to make the United States what it is today. I am very proud and fortunate to have family members who have fought for our country, and not just yesterday but every day I am proud of them!

Thank you to everyone in our armed forces!

I will hopefully have a recap up of our memorial day weekend before the end of the week!

Until then.. I am saying
"So what" to the following things

...If I road back from Cleveland Monday [a 2 hour car ride] with my right arm out the window, and my left arm positioned right underneath the sunroof.. i was missing out on valuable sun and I needed to make sure that I got a little sun this weekend

...If Stacey, Ryan, Justin and I went through a slide show of all of our cruise pictures again this weekend, it made me want to go back on vacation immediately

...If this weekend is my MOST favorite weekend of the summer! The memorial tournament is here. I have passes for Sunday, and I can't wait!!

...If I called my parents to share the news about Jimmy T leaving OSU, and when my dad answered, I said "have you heard the news?" and his response was "yes, I know Luke Donald is the #1 golfer in the world" ha! Needless to say he was a little more shocked when I told him about Tressel's resignation

....If I'm indifferent about Jim Tressel leaving OSU. Yes, I am very sad that he is leaving, and it had to go down the way he did, because I truly believe deep down inside that he is a good man, he just got himself stuck in a situation of lies, however, I also think it will be good to start fresh next year. [and to also be able to go for it on 4th and 1]

...If I follow @oldmansearch on twitter. It is a kid who has linked his dad's google account up with twitter and he googles the most RANDOM stuff ever. Justin and I play a game to see who can get to his latest tweets the fastest! [ex. of tweets - recipe for one porkchop, famous whales, eggs give me a headache.... ] go follow him, i know you want to! ha!

...If during the summer and Justin plays softball 3 nights a week, I rarely cook. Its hard when he is sponsored by 2 local pizza shops, and sometimes they go after they play and other weeks they don't. There is nothing that I hate more than throwing away food...

...If i have watched this video probably 198722 times, and shown it off about 198721 times of Molly. Its hilarious, her dad and her are carrying on a conversation about her not being able to kiss boys until she is 22 years old!

...If these are the longest, "so what" responses ever!

So what are you saying
"so what" to on this abbreviated work week?

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J and A said...

Ok that video is awesome!! I love it. so cute! Thanks! :)

Shannon Dew said...

Love your strategic tanning!!

Lindsay said...

What a little cutie! :)

Anonymous said...

what a cute little video!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

The video of Mols is so cute!! :)

And your tanning methods are great! I would do the same thing!!

Big Jim wants to go to the tourney - but is having surgery tomorrow! Keep him there in spirit! :)

Ashley said...

yay for strategic tanning =) do what you have to girl!

Kelly said...

Omigosh, that "no boys!!" video is HILARIOUS!! She is totally sassing her dad and I love how they're holding a conversation-- too cute!! :-D I've been taking advantage of all of our sun too lately; we've just had such a crappy spring, I HAVE to!!