Friday, September 10, 2010

what have we been up to....

Sorry that I haven't had a lot of updates as of lately... but here are a few things that we have done...

last Sunday morning we woke up at the crack of dawn.. srrsly the crack of dawn 5:30am to head out to run a 1/4 marathon. Justin, my sister and myself all ran in in it. It was a wonderful experience and a perfect morning to run 6.55 miles. I am so proud of Justin and my sister for completing their first race! It was a great warm-up for the 1/2 marathon in October.
Monday night Justin and I drafted our fantasy football teams.. here is our set up in the basement
yesterday a bunch of friends got to get to watch the saints vs vikings game.
we have become saints fans lately to cheer on our friends lance moore #16 is one of their wide receivers.
it is so much fun to watch someone who you grew up with playing in the nfl
we are so proud of him!

we have an exciting weekend plan thus far... we have a pretty big game this weekend
OSU vs Miami
where there will be some amazing tailgating [pictures to come!]
justin and i are golfing on Sunday
and somewhere in between all of these fun events we have an 8 mile run to get in as well :)

I hope ya'll had a great Friday!


Mrs. Pick said...

You've been busy girl! Have a fantastic weekend!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Go Buckeyes!!! :) And yes, I am semi-partial to the Saints because of Lance, too!!

Jenny said...

I didn't know you're running another half, that's awesome! I'll be there on Oct. 17 running the full. Good luck w/ the rest of your training.

d.a.r. said...

Way to go!! I have never seen a 1/4 marathon, what a fun race :)