Monday, September 6, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday - Favorite Things about the Fall

I'm liking this being at home on a Monday writing about my Top 2 Tuesday topics..
I am loving the idea of 4 day work weeks [and I have 3 in a row starting this week!]

This weeks topic for T2T is:

Things I like Most about Fall

1. I love the changing of the temperatures... the leaves changing colors, the crisp cool air, sleeping with the windows open.... ahhh - i can't wait [we had a little tease last week and this weekend and it has been beyond lovely].
2. Football [i'm sure this shocks you!]
We all know that I love my buckeyes

but I can't leave out my Cleveland Clowns Browns
and because they have been so bad for the past few years I figure I might as well try out Fantasy Football as well so that I have something to look forward to on Sundays

And my runner ups have to be pumpkin spice candles, carving pumpkins [and eating the pumpkin seeds] and apple picking [i'm keeping justin to his promise that he will go with me this year - i've only been asking for 4 years now.. ha!], and the Ryder Cup in October.

but I will be honest with you... my favorite part about the fall is that it leads up to Christmas, and that is honestly my favorite time of the year!

What are your favorite things about the fall?

Now head on over to Taylor's blog and link up.... Happy Labor Day!


Valene Marie said...

We picked the same photo... too cool :)
I can't wait for Fall and the cooler weather too!

Have a wonderful week!

Brittany said...

I loveee pumpkin spice candles! Good picks :)

Aimee @ Life As An Oakes said...

Those were my picks as well! I can't wait for fall!

Caitrin said...

Great choices!! College football is definitely one of mine too!

Kelly said...

Not to rub it in or anything... but we've had our windows wide open ever since THURSDAY! It's been LOVELY :-D Can't wait to go apple picking too!

Steph S. said...

All of that sounds perfect (of course you already know about my love for the Blundering Turd I mean Herd! ha ha)

I love fall so much - and like you, it excites me b/c the holiday season is on the way!

star said...

I am not into football, but I agree with everything on your #1! Christmas time is also my fave time of the year, and all of the Fall is exciting because you're just waiting for Christmas!

Allyson said...

College football is the BEST!

Lindsay said...

Im with ya on this one girl! Fall is the best :) Love the picture!

Tiffany said...

I love fall and football!! I can't wait until Sunday!

katmcd said...

LETS GO BUCKEYES. Great picks.