Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just a little recap

Yesterday was a big day for the OSU buckeyes - we played #12 Miami in the horseshoe

We headed down to campus for the day

This is how I watched the game - on a big screen at the Varsity Club [prior to the rain].. and then we went to roosters for much cheaper drinks and to stay dry
and this is how justin watched the game... lucky guy
It was an awesome game to watch - I am glad our defense showed up to play... I think after this game we have proved that we deserve to be #2 in the country! Bring on the bobcats next week!


I meant to post this yesterday but happy birthday to one of my besties...


last year in Boston

We were so excited that my camera was working again
this past summer at her parents house around a bonfire

I hope you have a wonderful birthday in NYC and that you enjoyed your day - because you certainly deserved it!!!

We're off to play golf and then back here to watch some football!

Let's go Brownies!! [and aaron rogers and the rest of my fantasy team :)]


Anonymous said...

Go Buckeyes!!!:)
Your blog is adorable! Have a great weekend!

Brittany said...

Wahoo! Great win last night, even though I was kind of bored during the second half.

Mrs. Pick said...

Love your scarf! Looks like you had a great weekend!

Brittany said...

I was definitely cheering for Ohio to win :)

Lindsay said...

I wish I lived in a football town! SO CAL isnt big with football so I feel like we miss out! :(

Steph S. said...

OH NO! haha... now your awesome team gets to beat up on my OTHER little team, the Bobcats! Thundering Herd, then the cats?!? I need to just jump on the Buckeye bandwagon PRONTO. I would be a much happier football fan! SEriously, they played so awesome Saturday - They totally deserve that #2 ranking! I would love to live in Columbus right now, how exciting!

Mama Dew said...

Can you believe I've NEVER been to a game!? WTF?!

Kelly said...

Aww, you guys look adorable on game day. Glad you won :-) Sounds like a fun weekend!!