Thursday, April 29, 2010

The world just got a little sweeter (times 2)

Today was a VERY special day....

I knew my friend Lauren was being induced today, but little did I know did I would come into work today to find an email from my dad saying that Melissa's water broke and they were on the way to the hospital. A few minutes later we found out that Lauren and Melissa were next door to one another in Labor and Delivery in the hospital.

Lauren delivered first at 9:31am

Beckett Grant
his going home outfit
and there is just something adorable about little babies feet

and then I got over to the hospital and was patiently waiting with the grandparents when Bobbi Jo (Melissa's mom) and my Aunt went up to see if Melissa had started pushing yet when we heard a squeal - which instantly let us know that Addison had been born... at 2:55 p

Addison Riley

Today was such an exciting day! I am so happy that I had a chance to see both of my friends [family] and their new additions! Congrats Lauren and Greg, and Jamie and Melissa! I am so happy for you all and I can't wait to watch these little babies grow up!

I hope ya'll had as great of a Thursday as I did!


Rachel said...

What a great day for you and I love the names!

Kate said...

So sweet! Great names! Also, love your new blog design!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Cute little babies! Adorable names, too :)

Kelsey Claire @Lavender, Leopard, and Lace said...

What a precious group of babies with some fabulous names!

Candice Pair said...

Awww what a wonderful day! Precious babies everywhere! Have a great weekend lovin' on them!

Christa said...

What cute names!!!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

awww cute!!!!!