Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A tradition unlike any other...

I'm so excited for tomorrow... to me its officially the start of spring
which also happens to be my favorite major in all of golf

i would be lying to you if i said i wasn't excited that tiger woods is back
although i do not agree with what he did to jeopardize his relationship with Elin
i love his enthusiasm for the game and how raises the level of competition when he is in the field

i also will be rooting for my boy luke donald
it may or not be his English accent, or just his good looks
but all and all - he is my favorite golfer on tour
and i wouldn't mind if he finally was able to win a major


i can't wait to watch the tournament... if you don't hear from me starting tomorrow until sunday you can pretty much guarantee that i am posted up in front of the tv watching some amazing golf!


Mrs.Vid said...

My cousin's hubby works at Augusta National. I was back visiting my family in GA last week and he gave me a box of Practice balls that Tiger Woods had been hitting at the Range to give to my Fiance. He said Tiger was the only guy out on the course last week. My cousin and her daughter were out yesterday for the practice rounds, she and her son will be there tomorrow on the 15th Green and my Aunt and Uncle will be there Fri on the 15th green. I'm so jealous of all of them. I'm excited for Tiger's return as well.

Samantha said...

He definitely brings the game up a notch. I am a Phil mickelson fan.

Keeping Up With Kaegan said...

Oh goodness Lindsey, you let me down. Golf? Really?.......How do you not fall fast asleep to that shit!? ha Im a golf hater, I wouldnt be a good bloogy friend if you didnt know everything about me, lol.

I could go the rest of my life without looking at another golf ball. My ex step dad built a six hole golf course on our acreage, it was our front yard, I tried to play and the ball ended up the ass of a cow on the pasture next to us, and the holes in our game room, so he could putt, I still dont walk straight from tripping in those bastards fifteen billion times.

ugh Im scarred for life. LOL LOL

Have fun watching your golf, I will be thinking about ya!! hehe

Kerbi said...

I love the Masters! I am excited to see Tiger play again!

Brittany said...

I totally agree with Keeping up with Kaegan! LOL! I really thought I was going to fail my golf class in college. During my first class my prof told me that I was his challenge for the semester. A few weeks into the class..he gave up on me! :)

Enjoy your golf! I'll stick to the Clippers (and other baseball) games!