Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Customer Service Done Right

I bought a Groupon for a DSLR camera class thru around this time last year
{without even having my camera yet}
{i know.. i know!}
After I got my camera, the courses that were being offered here in Columbus did not work with my schedule, and in fear of my Groupon expiring, I contacted Chimpsy, the company who I bought the Groupon through, and they did not want me to lose out on my money, and said they would work with me to get a scheduled class.
I finally found a time in December of last year that worked with my schedule.
I was SO excited to go to the class.
I was excited to no longer be scared of my camera, to learn how to take it out of manual and to learn some of the other settings.
Unfortunately the course did not live up to the expectations that I had hoped it would.
I left feeling defeated, as if the instructor didn't care, and he even made the comment, "you will learn all of this today with me, but in all likelihood you will always just keep your camera on automatic".... umm no, that's not why I'm here, I want to learn about my camera, and learn how to use it.
So I did something that is completely out of the norm for me.
I wrote a note to the company saying how disappointed I was with the instructors service and how I expected so much more after the great customer service I had received up until that point.

They wrote back apologizing for the horrible experience, and offered me a DSLR1 and DSLR2.
They said one of the best instructors they have is in Indianapolis and if I could get there from Columbus that it would definitely be worth my while.

Once again, I went into this class with high expectations. And I will tell you that it certainly didn't disappoint. The instructor was Chris Whonsetler, and he was so patient with the class, he made sure we understood what the different settings were for, different angles that work for different pictures, why and what the brain looks at when looking at a picture.
I left the class feeling rejuvenated about my camera.
I just appreciate Chimpsy for making my horrible experience right, and making sure that I was satisfied at the end of the course. I wrote to the company as soon as I got home on Sunday evening from Indianapolis and told them THANK YOU!

Its just nice to know when a company makes a mistake they are willing to make it right for you.


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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Well that's great that they were so willing and accommodating!