Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Brain Dump

Herbie 2.0

Please meet the newest member to my life
Herbie 2.0
My dad and I set on quite a quest a few weeks ago and it felt as if I sat in every car this side of the Mississippi within my price range
trying to figure out what kind of car I wanted
I didn't find anything that I LOVED
{perhaps I should tell you that i LOVED my last car, who's name was Herbie, and I cried when the tow truck was coming to take him away}
So I settled for another Passat, just a few years newer
and we are slowly but surely becoming accustomed to one another

My dad sent me an email with pictures of my car saying Herbie.2
From there I decided to call the car Herbie 2.0
And then once the car was delivered my dad quickly pointed out to me that the back of the car even had 2.0 on the back...
And at that moment - Herbie 2.0 was named for sure!
My Christmas tree is still up
So sue me... its January 6th... I will take it down this weekend
{while listening to Christmas music.. it makes it a little less painful}

Molly is turning 2 in a little over a week
Seriously.. time has flown!
Santa left me a Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar
and I may have bought out Kroger in the rest of their stock
If you like thin mints.. i recommend you walk RUN to your closest grocery store and buy them out of this product as well!
Hunter Boot Liners
I'm confused about them
Do you wear them once and wash them such as a sock?
Or do you just not worry about washing them such as the inside of an UGG boot?
Any suggestions?

Happy Friday!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend



Shannon Dew said...

I think the peppermint bark is the only flavor Luna I haven't tried! So it's good!? Geez now I need to go get some! Love the new ride, white is SO pretty!

Ana said...

So glad you're in love with Herbie 2.0! And don't worry, my tree would still be up if I didn't have 8 days in there where it would have turned into a matchstick. As for the liners, I wash them every once in a while. If you're like me in Hunters, they get a little sweaty, but not smelly. So, I just wash them after 5-6 wears.

Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean said...

must try that peppermint flavor!

R said...

I found Luna bars over the summer and have become addicted. I usually keep a few in my car so when I forget to eat I have something better than fastfood to grab.

Kelly said...

LOVE the new car!! :-D And those Luna bars sound delicious. Hmm... About the Hunter socks. You've stumped me there! I honestly haven't worn mine other than a few hours at the house (so no need to wash) I wore mine a lot, I think I'd probably wash them every other wear (depending on if they stretch or not?) and then NOT dry them. Just my opinion! Have a GREAT weekend, Lindsey!

Jenny said...

Peppermint Stick is my favorite flavor! Been eating those things for years :) I also like the Cool Mint Chocolate Clif bars.

Mama Laughlin said...

I love the Chocolate Peppermint Luna bars, too!!!
And I'm loving your new car!!

Megan said...

Peppermint Luna bars are my fav! Also I love Herbie 2.0, so pretty!!

Mateya said...

Herbie 2.0 is so cute :)

The Choclate Peppermint Luna bars sound delish...I'm sure our little grocery doesn't have them but I'll have to check out Target this weekend when I head to the big city!

Lindsay said...

Your new car is adorable. LOVE IT!

Becca said...

OH I LOVE your new car! We had our eyes on a couple of passats when we were looking for a new car. Really loved them!

I CANNOT believe Molly is turning two already! Time flies by girl!

Jess said...

I wore my liners with socks. They were a little tight, but that way I won't have to wash them very often.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Congrats on the new car!! Don't feel bad, I have my tree up too but tomorrow it's coming down. Those bars are sooo good!