Thursday, April 7, 2011

Heaphone Dilemma

When I started running over a year ago I thought my biggest struggle would be finding a sports bra that fit and supported me.... boy was I wrong!

If someone would have told me I would have had the biggest headache trying to find the perfect pair of headphones I would have probably laughed at them...

but lets be honest... if i don't have headphones, i can't/won't/hate to run

so they are as big of a necessity to me as a sports bra

but I have gone through a few to find the perfect style for me

Each of the following did not work for specific reasons
[I sound like Goldilocks]

Phillips over the ear earphones
**Did not fit inside my ear correctly**

Sony Ear Buds
**Shorted out when I ran long distances
[Sorry TMI but I sweat {like a man} and when my hair gets wet, it goes into my ear causing a short for my headphones]
and I had a problem with them staying in my ears**

Skully Candy
**Same issue I had with the Sony IPod headphones
shortages and when I got sweaty the suction cup on the end of the headphone no longer suctioned**

But alas....

Sennheiser Adidas BehindtheNeck Headphones

Justin found these headphones about a month ago
and we have been alternating who goes to the gym when so we can both use these bad boys
they are made by Adidas, and they are sweat and water proof
they stay in my ears and i don't have to fuss with them at ALL when I'm running

So since we are both running in a 10 mile run on Sunday, I thought it might be worth buckeling down and just buying a pair for myself...

so a trip to the Apple store and $70 I am hoping that I have the worlds best set of ear phones for running

Thank you Adidas for thinking about us awkwardly shaped ear, sweating runners when designing a set of headphones!


So after spending at least $150 on headphones in the last year I think I finally have a keeper! Lets hope :)

And I promise I will recap our vacation sometime soon [hopefully tomorrow]
but for now here is a teaser for you!
Every time I look through our pictures, or hear Show Goes On it makes me want to go right back to vacation and the Caribbean! it was amazing :)

And while this post may focus on plenty of the superficial things in life please keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers today as they just experienced another Earthquake and are preparing for another tsunami. when is enough enough for them!?!?!

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Kelly said...

Oooh, I love my skullcandies... But so GLAD that you've found a pair that works for you!! Nothing is worse than not having good headphones when running :-P

Love the picture of you two!! And I'm so bad... I had no idea about Japan's new earthquake?? If I'm going to be working these crazy hours, I have got to get in a habit of reading the new on the iphone before bed :-( Hope your day is going well!!

Amanda said...

thanks for the info! i don't like my current i will look into these! :)

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

I have skull candies but I'm really wanting some that wrap around the head too because they fall out..

Anonymous said...

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