Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Support Needed

**Disclaimer this post is about sports bras and what a sports bra is used for... if this subject makes you the least bit uncomfortable please stop reading!**

**Please don't say that I didn't warn you**

As many of you know I am a runner
I also have been "blessed" with a large set of "the girls"
And if you put these two items together, it makes for appropriate/supportive attire sometimes difficult to find

So that's where I'm turning to you all to help me.

I am in the need for new sports bras. I am willing to pay the price for a nice one [since mine are from high school - gross i know! but lets be honest - who actually likes bra shopping - except for Bethenny Frankel?]

I am needing something that will support ALL of "the girls"
Something that will not leave me in pain in my shoulders
Preferably one that allows me to breathe while I'm running

In the past [yes, like back in high school] i have bought my bras from Title Nine which ranks their bras based off of cup size and barbells [based off of your activity level] - which I LOVE!

I was going to get the same bra's that I have had in the past however I have found my that after a long workout the girls are at full attention and I think its from the chaffing, and they HURT! and after reading the reviews on that same bra - others have had the same problem - so I don't think I will be heading down that path again.

So I have come to the conclusion its time to set out on a quest for a new bra, one that supports me and that provides comfort during my runs.

Any suggestions on where to look? Or a brand that has worked for you?

Thanks so much for baring with me on a not so comfortable topic :)

We will be back to our regular schedule programming tomorrow [well hopefully!]

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Molly said...

I can't wait to see what people suggest, because Lord knows I'm in the same boat. Wait until you read what I wore as a 'sports bra' on my friday confessional, OH MY GOSH!

You'll have to keep me posted on what you find out!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

Seriously try - but warning- they are pricey! But they are great!

Ashley said...

Pretty sure no one enjoys this part of shopping. is great also try Love those! Good luck! :)

BeckyJo606 said...

I always wear Victoria Secret ones. They have this one that I LOVE but it looks like the biggest granny bra of all time--super thick straps and complete coverage. They don't smash them into your body, but provide a good amount of support. Good luck shopping! :)

Anonymous said...

I love my high impact Champion sports bras. I am larger chested (34D) and these bras really lock and load the girls. They arent super pricey -less than $30. I still prefer to wear a sports tank with a shelf bra for long runs for extra bounce protection.

Grubersauce said...

This post needs more pictures.

Anonymous said...

try this site. i havent ever tried these bras but i can relate to your post and have been searching for new bra's as well. (yes-my sports bras are from HS also....ha!) These bras are pricey but look promising and were featured in the Oprah magazine! Just a thought!

Kelly said...

Sooo... have you found anything yet? :-) Sorry I can't give you any advice... Remember I'm the one who wanted the Bombshell bra for Christmas ;-) I'm average sized so I certainly don't have a problem when working out... Good luck!!

Life, Laughter and How I Became Friends with a Hippie. said...

I really like under armour and I know people that swear by lululemon-a little pricey but go by your bra size and type of activity so if you're running a lot-worth it! BTW love your blog :0)
Goodluck with the search.