Thursday, March 31, 2011

All things LOVED in March

1. THE Ohio State Basketball Team
I absolutely LOVE March madness, I love filling out my bracket, rooting for the team that I chose in each game, and watching some amazing upsets [hello Moorehead state! i'm still impressed!] However, this year its more than just filling out a bracket and cheering on who I have going to the final dance.. its cheering for my beloved Buckeyes! and i have to admit - its been a fun season watching them! They just look like they are having fun [well let's be honest, they are having fun! they are #1 in the country!] and just to prove that they are just in it for a good time.. if you haven't seen the guys singing Miley Cyrus's Party in the USA - its totally worth watching!

2. Nude Shoes

I picked these lovelies up at Marshall's a few weeks ago. I wear them with just about everything! I love them, and they can go with brown or black!

3. Nature's Finest Jam

My mom brought this on vacation with the family last month, and I had to go out and get my own.. its just so fresh and delish!

4. Morning Star Spicy Black Bean Burger

I always tell people that I could be a vegetarian if it wasn't for bacon, and I could be a vegan if it wasn't for bacon [obvi], cheese, [and sometimes sour cream]. However, you will never hear me claim to be either - unless i claim it with my disclosures. We have been on a black bean burger kick lately - and speaking of kick - these have a little of one too! they are delish - we grill them up for dinner and even J likes them!


5. LuluLemon

Remember this post? Well I think I may have found a place to solve the world's problems... err well at least some of my own personal problem!!! [can i get a hallelujah?!]

I have been told by a few marathon runners that LuluLemon is the end all be all place for workout apparel. Well while out shopping the other day J and I decided to stop in and see what all the hype is about! HOLY customer service! I loved it, they were totally willing to work with me to find a sports bra that fit! [please cue the hallelujah chorus again] and all of their merchandise has kind of witty names to it - kind of like OPI nailpolish!

I hope you have had a wonderful March!

Doesn't it seem as if it has just flown by?!!?

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Aly @ Analyze This said...

How is the sports bra?!? I really like Lucy activewear ... but willing to give LuluLemon a try!!

Christina said...

I love me some nude shoes! ;)

Ashley said...

I have been searching for a cute pair of nude heels! I love the ones you posted!
The orchard's finest sounds yummy! I may have to pick some up this weekend!

Jenny said...

So glad you love lululemon! I have yet to try out their sports bras but I might have to on your recommendation.

I love Morningstar burgers too but have you tried their corndogs? Delish!

Brittany said...

I almost bought those burgers the other day, but I was nervous and didn't want to waste money if I didn't like them. I think I'll definitely buy them now!

Ana said...

A) Nude shoes are a must have. LOVE. B) Love the lulu!! LIVE in my groove pants (I have them on now), love the scuba hoodie, and the stride jacket is great with the thumb holes to keep the sleeves down and the collar's wide enough to come up around my mouth and chin. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Shannon Dew said...

Oh I love those bb burgers!!!! Like used to eat one a day love!!