Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So What Wednesday....

First off thank you for all of the birthday wishes! You all are way too sweet! I really appreciate them:) I had a wonderful weekend/day!

So i begged asked Shannon to post this week for me - and she said just do it... and of course the week that I don't have a list or anything prepared I can think of a million things to "so what about..." perhaps lists aren't always the way to go!

So here's for the week what I'm saying "so what" to..

  • Up until yesterday my About Me info said I was 26... and I just updated it to be 28.
  • If i wanted to wear peep toe shoes last week when it was in the 60's so I just painted my first 2 toes, and it was all good until I went to the dr and had to take off my shoes! and she TOTALLY noticed! [no one said my dr. wasn't intelligent]
  • I have been listening to Jason Aldean and Eric Church to and from work daily to get pumped up for the concert this weekend
  • I almost like when Justin plays Call of Duty while I'm doing my 30 Day Shred in the basement - I watch the clock on the game to get me through each individual level
  • I feel so accomplished if I go to the grocery store and everything that I put on the belt is healthy!
  • I am a few days behind on the DVR-but I have no time to catch up on anything... I have 2 episodes of Modern Family, Jersey Shore, Bachelor, One Born Every Minute, Real Housewives of Miami and I'm pretty sure I won't get through either Top Chef or Modern Family tonight [and after reading Shannon's comment realized I should probably include Teen Mom 2 too!]
  • I saw a bumper sticker today that said IRL [you know the oval ones with big black letters] and my first though was "In Real Life"... eek - Blogging has taken over my global knowledge!
  • I am beyond excited to go see our friends who just had a baby last night! They waited to find out the gender [which I would never have the self control to do!] they are calling this baby Gruber 2.0 [since its their 2nd and the dad is all techy - their cat's name is reboot-ha!]
  • I'm addicted to WWF - pretty sure that its just added to my OCD'ness before I go to bed. Before I had to clear out all emails, read all fb status updates and tweets - and now i can't have any games be on my turn before I go to bed! and it doesn't help that J has the same issue and we play with one another - its no wonder I'm tired!
Head on over to Mama Dew's blog and link up!

Happy Hump Day!

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Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean said...

bahaha love the peep toe paint job!

Shannon said...

First, thank you for doing this. Second I am DYING over your toes-too funny!!! And third my DVR is also full of 2 weeks worth of the same shows, I was afraid you were going to ask me about teen mom 2 and I would be a bad friend by not watching, glad we're on the same page

Katie G. said...

I noticed your age said 26....for a long time! :)
Your toes & doctor visit..something you would definitely do!
Lastly, I'm proud you have at least 1 non-reality show on your dvr! ;)

Ana said...

I'm totally jealous that you get to see Jason Aldean & Eric Church! I saw Jason Aldean with Luke Bryan last March and it was the best concert! (And that's in the same month as Bon Jovi and Jay-Z. Yes, I have a wide-range of tastes.)

Jenny said...

Eric Church puts on a great show, I think you'll enjoy him. I saw him for free this past summer and loved it!

Lindsay said...

That concert is going to be awesome! I was thinking about getting WWF I may just have to do it now!

Kelly said...

Sooo... how does 28 feel?? I hate to be all "Waaaah, I feel so OLD!" (because lets be honest, 30 is going to SUCK) but 28 feels REALLY old. Whether I'm ready or not, 28 is coming in April... I'm totally with ya on liking when my whole shopping cart is healthy! I'll have to work better on that... ;-) If you want ANOTHER WWF game, I'm kellykmku if you want to find me! Happy Friday Eve, Lindsey!

Michelle said...

The peep toes made me laugh out loud. HILARIOUS.

Cait said...

just came across your blog :) ohmygosh its so cute! those peep toe shoes cracked me up!

emily said...

i saw jason aldean once in concert at newport and it was amazing. i bet eric church is just as good! so jealous you're going!

Lindsay said...

aaah I've done that with the peep toe shoes! Luckily I didn't have a doctor's visit any of those times ;) My husband just started playing WWF too and we seriously are playing NON STOP!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Oh my gosh! The shred is completely butt kicking hard! I watch the clock non stop during that work out!