Tuesday, February 8, 2011

hello there....

Hello there!

I have missed you all and I'm sorry that I've been in a blogging funk lately. I don't quite know what has gotten into me...

well I guess I do know a little bit what has gotten into me

#1 work has been crazy busy, and I do use my lunch time occasionally to blog/catch up on blogs/relax my brain... and so that hasn't been happening lately

#2 twitter : yes that lovely little site that I have taken a fond liking to, well it keeps me up to date with some of my favorite bloggers, but not everyone, so I feel like I'm 1/2 up to date with what is going on... well sorta

#3 i'm gotten into a routine when I get home from work: gym, dinner, shower, reading in bed. yes you read that correctly - i'm skipping right over the reality tv and going straight to bed. its much more relaxing. this doesn't mean that i don't use my dvr'd shows to keep me entertained while i'm cooking/eating dinner, or that i don't occasionally watch one here or there.. but lately i would prefer to read over watching reality TV! [hell might have frozen over!]

And now that I'm on a reading kick I desperately need new authors. I am finishing up my last Nicholas Sparks book right now Safe Haven, I have Emily Griffin Something Borrowed [which I haven't started yet] and I also bought In a Heartbeat by Leigh Ann and Sean Tuohy [the real story of the Blindside]. Any other suggestions!?!?!

But in the meantime I thought I would catch you up on what we have been doing when I'm not in a routine mode [i.e. the weekends]:

Friday I got a special delivery from Justin in the office
Aren't the just beautiful? I've never had flowers delivered to the office before and I was completely shocked, and even had tears in my eyes when they were brought to me! I'm one lucky girl!

Saturday we had a surprise birthday party for Justin's cousin's 40th. Jennifer [his cousin] is someone who always does something for everyone else, and she was so touched a party was thrown in her honor, she started crying when we sang happy birthday to her when she walked in, and didn't stop crying the entire time. She is just too sweet.

Saturday night we watched this little chunk munk! Its a little hard to take pictures of her nowadays because she is on the MOVE! I had just got her out of her bumbo after dinner.. and she was walking over to me

and after we changed her into her PJ's. She had a ton of toys, but the only thing she would grab for off of the coffee table was Justin's wallet - too funny [smart girl!]!
[i also love these footed pj's - her feet are so small they stop on the right foot at the end of the red polka dot! so cute! they just kinda flop around]

Sunday Justin and I were all ready to cheer on the buckeyes in a victory of Minnesota in basketball and then head to a friend' s house to watch the Super Bowl. Well our plans were quickly changed when we lost power for about 3 hours [not so sure how we made it through the ice storm ALL last week without losing power - but this weekend was a different story]. Thankfully we live close enough to my parent's that we were able to head over there and make my dishes to bring to the game:

Football shaped veggie pizza

and chocolate covered strawberries

I was so happy that the Packers won. My friends joke around that because I'm a browns fan that I'm able to choose a different team during the playoffs since we will never make it :( so i chose my second favorite team the saints... and they were knocked out after the first week - so then i picked up green bay to cheer for for the rest of the playoffs!

I love Aaron Rodger's story, his patience and how he still has the love for football every time he plays. Its like watching someone who is playing for the right reason [if that makes sense?] It was a great game! I'm glad that Steelers came back with a little pep in their step in the 2nd half to make it more of a game, but in the end I was VERY thankful the Packers pulled off the win over the Steelers!

So that's our weekend wrapped up in pictures as well as an excuse as to why i have been absent lately!

What did you do this weekend? Is anyone else in a comment/blogging rut - or is it just me? Perhaps I can blame it on the winter blues :) come on sunny weather!

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Jessica said...

I just finished reading Kristin Hannah's Firefly Lane and it was amazing.
And yes the sun needs to start shining asap.

R said...

I love the strawberries! So cute.

And go find "Almost like being in love" or "last days of summer" by steve kluger. I LOVE those books and will re-read them at least once a year.

Kendra said...

You should read Mitch Albom books, they are books you never want to put down.!

Katie G. said...

1) Thanks again for allowing us to get a date night! Molly's ready to wear the V-day outfit you gave her!
2) I didn't know you guys lost power, you could have come over to our house
3) Agreeing about above (Mitch Albom) books. I've read 3 of them I think.. You can borrow them if you'd like!
4) Also, "700 Sundays" a memoir by Billy Crystal. Kinda the same feel as Mitch Albom books; again I have this if you want to borrow/look at it

Holly said...

Happy to have you back! I get in these funks every once in awhile too. No worries, you'll get your mojo back :)

Lindsay said...

I just posted about my blogging rut too! I hope that by posting about it I can get over it! Hope you do too :)

Lindsay said...

Those chocolate covered strawberries are adorable!

Stephanie the PW said...

Yep, blogging blahs right here, too! I think there for a while, I was taking it too darn seriously. Seriously! haha... I've confessed, my blog took over my soul!!! I felt a little burnt out :/ Breaks are good, though. And I'm definitely blaming the weather at this point! I'm starting to get that itch for Spring.

As for books, I absolutely love Sparks - you have GOT to read his memoir, "Three Weeks With My Brother". Simply amazing.

Other authors I love are Richard Russo and I'll basically read anything from the Oprah book club b/c I'm a total Oprah HO! lol. Enjoy your relaxing evenings!

Mrs. Pick said...

I think it is the winter blues! I have been a terrible blogger and commenter too!

Love your food for the Super Bowl! So creative!

Glad you're back!

Emily said...

I love the chocolate covered strawberries! I'm from central Ohio too and those would be GREAT for Buckeye games!
I am reading my first Jodi Picoult book and it's really good (House Rules). I also like Sophie Kinsella for a funny, easy read (she writes the Shopaholic books).

Sara said...

I know what you mean about being in a blogging/commenting funk!

Beautiful flowers! I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend! :)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I've been having the blogging blues too! Those flowers are beautiful though!! Maybe they'll get you out of the blog funk.