Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Call me a bandwagon fan...

... I don't care.
Sure, I've been to several Blue Jackets games in the last 14 years they have been in Columbus, but never have I been this into an entire season!
We started off the season slow (like always)
but have finished strong.
We made it to the playoffs for the second time in franchise history and the entire city is FINALLY supporting the team that we have had for so long!
We won the game last Wednesday in OT to tie up the series 2-2.
We knew we had 2 more games to play in the series at least.. which lead us to last night.
I NEVER get to the arena early.. hell, I rarely hear the star spangled banner
but last night was different.  I walked into Nationwide Arena at 6pm,
the energy inside was absolutely indescribable
music blaring, people every where, and a site I've never seen before for a hockey game
I had to pinch myself that we were still in Columbus, Ohio!
I watched practice and warm-ups for the first time ever
Listened to the entire star spangled banner
Watched the "WE ARE THE 5TH LINE" banner be raised with a lift
Felt the vibrations from the cannon being fired
and witnessed the puck being dropped on center ice at the start of the game.

There was not an empty seat in the entire arena - and it just gave me goose bumps to see so many people out supporting OUR team!
The atmosphere was awesome!

The first two periods were anything but easy to watch.
We couldn't pass to our teammates, we were getting penalties called against us left and right, their shot on goals were triple the amount of ours.
Needless to say, we were starting to get defeated... the guys looked tired.
We were down 4-0.. with a hat trick scored by the Penguins nonetheless.
I was hopeful that there was one HELL of a pep talk given to the team after the 2nd period.
I looked at my friends and said, well, we need a miracle... and if we come back from this, there could very easily be a Miracle 2 made!
We came out with a fight that I don't think I have ever seen the jackets have!
We scored 3 unanswered goals to put the game at 4-3, Penguins still on top.
We pulled our goalie with 2 minutes left to play in regulation,
(it was at this point that I think I forgot to breath for the rest of the game - HELLO intense!)
Maybe if we are 5 on 4 we have a chance, hell it worked at the end of game 3!

Unfortunately we had a few shots on goal in the last few minutes, but nothing that capitalized into a goal.
Unfortunately, this was the end of our playoffs
Unfortunately we have to wait until next year for hockey to be back....
....but more than anything
Fortunately, this city is now 100% believers in this team, and this sport, and this game!

The team saluting the fans at the end of the game!
I think these playoffs have made more people hockey fans, and some people bigger hockey fans than we ever imagined!
Thank you CBJ for a WONDERFUL end of the season, and a great run at the playoffs!
The city of Columbus, thanks you!


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Brittany said...

I'm a huge hockey fan from Ohio who fell in love with the Penguins before CBJ existed. BUT, I'm so, so proud of the awesome hockey atmosphere in Columbus and the way the fans are finally starting to support the team and the sport. It makes me so excited for the future!