Wednesday, February 13, 2013

So What Wednesdays

So What Wednesday

This week, I'm saying 
So What If....
... I have often been tempted to take in a picture of Keith Urban's hair color to my hairstylist, because I have total color envy of his hair!
... I cringe a little bit every time someone says the words... anywayS, irregardless {fyi, its not a word, and i didn't realize that until about 5 years ago}, and when someone pronounces picture as piTCHer.  Its a picture people, not something I drink out of
... I started using my fitness pal.  And seriously, she is a bitch, not my pal.  I eat pretty healthy, however after eating a banana, a bagged salad, an avocado, 2 energy bites, I had 416 calories for dinner.  I've decided that I'm not using it on the weekends, and not counting alcohol.  Thats the only way my fitness bitch and I will have a working relationship.
... I informed my mom that I know that I want rum cake for my birthday dinner.  And she said, what about your birthday meal? I said.. rum cake?!
... I left the drag show on Friday sounding more like a man than half of the guys on stage.  I'm sick again.wahh. {Im hoping to get that post up here shortly}
... I think I've gotten bronchitis more frequently lately because I imitate sweet brown way too often.  The smoke got up in my lungs, and I got bronchitis!

What are you saying "so what to"? Head on over to Shannon's blog and let us know!



Nikki said...

My Fitness Bitch! LOL! I died!

Katie G. said...

haha, irregardless!!

Jennifer said...

I wouldn't mind renaming it to MFB either!

Ugh, I cannot stand when people say they have "low self-esteem in themselves". Drives me insane.

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Not So Newlyweds said...

I never log bananas on MFP. They are too good and make me too mad. Plus they help with leg cramps and blood sugar, so they should be free.

Melissa Jo said...

My Fitness Bitch - HA! I totally understand girl she can definitely be a bitch sometimes!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Run cake?!? Yes!!!!