Thursday, January 24, 2013

DIY Thread Holder

The other day I needed to sew a pair of pants.. which prompted me to look for black thread..
.. which I found in a TANGLED mess in a ziplock baggie that I have used to hold my thread since my mom got me a sewing kit in college, 12 years ago.  {My dad got me a tool box and tools as a dorm room gift and my mom, a sewing kit! and I still use both to this day!}

So I saw this idea on pinterest to make a thread holder... I was determined that maybe by making this.. it would motivate me to clean up the rest of the craft room.

I went to home depot and picked up the following

A piece of scrap wood {I got this piece for $1.01 pre cut}
Picture Hanging Kit
Cinder Block Picture Hanger

First step is to stain your board
Then I started to tape of the chevron print.  I thought I could do this by hand

but then my OCD got the best of me and I decided to draw a grid on the board and use that as reference points to create my pattern

Then I painted the board white

The hardest part for me when doing a project like this is waiting for it to dry so I can see the results.  I painted this late night, and I didn't have time in the morning to pull back the tape.  Well that evening while I was at work at the golf course, I got a text message from Justin saying that they board looks really good.. he took some of the tape off.. EXCUSE ME? my hard labor.. I told him that he needed to stop so I can do the rest! Ha! {Territorial over my projects much?! whoops!}
 Then when I got home I was able to do the rest of the reveal myself.

Next steps is to use nails and hammer in at an angle where you want your thread to be.  Make sure to put them at an angle or else the spools could potentially fall off.

 I then attached picture hooks and picture wire to the back of the board so I could hang it in the basement.  I bought a kit at Home Depot.

 I then found a picture hanger in the wall hanging section that you could just hammer right into the cinder block {music to my ears that I didn't have to use a mortar bit again.. those things are intense!} and just like that my project was hung on the wall.

After making this project, I realized that it might not necessarily be the amount of thread that I have, but the size of the mess that gives me the most anxiety! Hopefully my ribbon obsession won't turn into a thread buying obsession as well!

Happy Thursday!



Shannon Dew said...

Shut up! Look at you, Martha! That is SO CUTE!

Jess said...

Impressive ;)

Hilary said...

So cute!! & PLEASE share with me this picture hanging thing! I have an entirely cinder block house and have ruined many drill bits trying to hang a simple picture. Not to mention all the broken frames after trying to use the commander strips that give way at the slightest bit of humidity. I had no idea they made something for people like us, lol.

Emily said...

That is so neat! LOVE it, and the chevron pattern!

Fletcher @ High Cotton Style said...

So cute! If only I knew how to sew...ha!

Katie said...

ADORABLE!! I cannot wait to get a craft room and be able to do this ... thread everywhere tangled is the easiest excuse to not sew!!