Friday, December 2, 2011

It's called an accident for a reason

Last night I was on my way to meet up with a friend and her babies for dinner
however I did not get very far before my night took a drastic change
i was sitting at a light right outside my condo complex, and I was on the phone with my sister when
i am slammed into from behind from a car going 35 mph
i squealed, my phone went flying, and my hat when sailing into the back seat of the car
my first instinct was "what just happened to me"
and my second was to get back to my sister on the phone because that would be the most TERRIFYING sound on the other end of the phone {some one squealing and then no longer talking to them!}
as soon as I hung up the phone with Alli, I got out of my car to assess the damage and to make sure no one else was hurt
The car in front of me was a brand new volvo with a 9 month old in the backseat that her dad had just picked up from daycare, and the girl behind me was a younger girl similar to my age who was alone.
I was SO worried initially about the baby b/c she was crying uncontrollably, but I told the dad to leave her in the car seat until the paramedics came.
After we realized everyone was okay, and it was just our cars that were hurt, I realized how fortunate we are.

Cars are replaceable, people are not!
However, it will be a little different having a car payment for the first time in my life,
but to say that i'm not a little excited to start looking for potential new cars could be fun!

So now I'm just in the waiting game...
I've been fortunate never to be in accident before in my life,
and I'm very fortunate that our family friend is our insurance agent and he walked me through the initial steps of what I need to do to get the ball rolling.
So now I'm waiting to figure out if they are going to "total" my car or fix it.
Either way, I will be fine with the decision.

But based off of the damage - I'm pretty sure this is the end of an era for Herbie, my 2004 Passat. It's been a good ride buddy!
The trunk is all out of line, and my back bumper has quite of bit of damage as well.
My passenger side air bag deployed {boy do those things stink!!} however mine did not!
Here's a few pictures of what I could snap this morning
The officer told me I could drive my car home only because I was only 1/4 mile from my house.

I am so thankful no one was injured during the accident,
and I just keep reminding myself that its called an accident for a reason!
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Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean said...

scary! glad you're ok. getting rear-ended is the worst!!

Anonymous said...

So scary! So glad your ok!!

Brooke G said...

Glad to hear everyone is ok! What a week for cars huh?

Mateya said...

Yikes! Glad to know you're ok...that is scary!

Katie said...

Wow! so glad you are ok. Car accidents can be scary...I'm an insurance agent so I hear about them all the time :(

SO excited to meet you tomorrow night at the meet up! following you now :)


Anna & Kirby said...

Oh my goodness Lindsey... I'm so glad you're okay! Scary, I'm sure. Like you've already said, the good thing is you may just get yourself a new car! Yay :)

Katie G said...

Yikes! Herbie is pretty beat glad you were ok and everyone else for that matter esp the babe.

Miss Chelsea said...

Scary! Glad everyone was ok though! Just by looking at the photos your car looks nowhere near totaled & totally fixable (my dad has worked on cars his whole life, you'd be surprised at what can be fixed!) Esp since its drivable. Hope that eases your worries about a possible car payment!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

How scary! I'm glad everyone was ok!

Sara said...

You have such a beautiful outlook and attitude. I am also very thankful you and the other people are all safe. Take care of you!

Kelly said...

Sososososo glad that you (and the baby and everyone else involved) is okay!! I've totaled two cars (neither of them my fault) and it is SO scary. Hope you're starting to feel better soon as well!!