Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bridal Shower #2 for Alli

Last Friday night Alli had her second bridal shower at our good family friend's house.
This shower was for Alli's friends, and family friends.

Jen and Mrs. B really out did themselves with all of the food. It was SO good!

These homemade desserts were seriously to die for delicious!!! I had a slice of the Carmel apple cheesecake.. holy amazing!
Mrs. K, Mom and Mindy

Alli's friends from college

Pat and Jodi, our other next door neighbors at my parents

The guest of honor and myself
Alli in her throne for the night

All of her gifts

Opening my gift... I think I was equally excited to give it to her as she was to open it!

Alli had noticed that her waffle iron had been taken off her registry back in June, and for sure thought either Doug or her would receive it for their birthdays, however, their birthday came and went, and still no waffle iron. Ironic that it was her last shower gift she opened of both showers that the waffle iron showed up, but with an apron, and waffle mix too!
Jen took a floral arts class in high school, and she did an amazing job on perfecting alli's bow bouquet for the rehearsal.

Alli's wedding party
All the girls
Mom and her two girls
It was another wonderful shower!
Alli is so fortunate to have so many people who are so excited for her big day!

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J and A said...

What a great shower! :)

Ashley Auld said...

So cute! PS: Lindsey you are looking AMAZING! :)

Mateya said...

Love it. And your mom is so stinkin cute! :)

Love the hanger you got her. That'll be great for the wedding dress shots!

ashley said...

oh my gosh all the food looks amazing!! and those hangers are too cute! I have seen them everywhere--such a great idea! (wish I woulda thought of it, haha)

Jennifer said...

Love all of these recaps! She's going to be a beautiful bride

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Again - I want mine now!! lol.. Love her cardigan!

Jenny said...

Both the showers looked amazing! And you are looking great in these photos Lindsey!

Michal Renee' said...

Ugh I could just dive into that cheese try and those desserts! I just LOVE cheese!! That food spread looks so amazing!

Kelly said...

Sosososo fun!! The food looks DELISH (that veggie tray is calling my name!) All of you girls just look beautiful!

Lindsay said...

WOW what a great shower! THe food looks delicious!

Holly said...

Carame apple cheesecake sounds amazing! :D

Also, I LOVE Alli's shoes, they are so cute!