Thursday, May 5, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things....

Last week Kelly from Keeping up with Kelly tagged me to do a little survey about my favorite things!

I thought this was a great way for some of my newer followers to get to know me [if your new, please let me know by leaving a comment and tell me something about you, or something that you love!! I love to getting to know my followers :)]

[1.] My family

I think its safe to say that even though my family is not a "thing" they mean the world to me! I think your family gives you a foundation of who you are, and you make yourself out of the foundation. I have come to realize that over the years, I am VERY fortunate to have such a strong relationship with my family. I look forward to getting together every Sunday, its a way for us all to stay connected, and I thoroughly enjoy the company.

Although Alli and I have not always had the most "my sister is my best friend" type of a relationship, I believe through the past few years we have become much closer, and I can think we can attribute this to the boys! Somehow Justin and Doug, make us appreciate each other more! ha! and to that i'm very thankful to as well. The boys have come into our family and have pretty much made our family of 4 now 6 and I LOVE it!!

[2.] My phone

I hate that this is my 2nd most favorite item, but honestly it is my lifeline! I have an iPhone - and I would be lost without it. I obviously use it for a phone, text, and email, but it seriously keeps me connected with the world. Between a game of Words With Friends, Twitter, Angry Birds, Sky Burger, updates on the latest sports scores, keeping track of my runs, an ipod... seriously - what is not to love about her??? And yes, it is a her, and her name is Bella, which is short of Isabella the iPhone. [I'm still a little jealous of a co-worker who came up with the name Fiona, as in Fiona Apple, for her phone! 10 pts for creativity goes to MaryBeth!]

[3.] My T-Shirt Quilt

My great grandma and grandma make amazing quilts. I had always wanted to make a quilt with them but never really needed one. However, when i graduated college, rather than making a t-shirt blanket with all of my sorority shirts, I thought I would make a quilt, and ask my great grandma to help me. I thoroughly enjoyed going over every Tuesday evening one summer and quilting with her. Every time I look at the quilt it brings back both college memories and the time we spent together during the summer making this masterpiece.

[4.] Hint of Lime Tositos and Sour Patch Watermelons
It is a good trip to the grocery store if I can get out of there without treating myself to 1 of these two items. I honestly eat very healthy, however these 2 items are seriously my weakness! its horrible!


[5.] The Ohio State Buckeyes

I think its more of a religion than a team here in Columbus, Ohio, to love the buckeyes. I'm a little anxious about this season, however, I'm still looking forward to fall, and the anticipation of another great season from our beloved buckeyes!

[6.] Restaurant Ranch Dressing

I don't know what it is about restaurant ranch dressing, but its SO much better than anything you can buy at the grocery store. My friend Jaci and I will debate where we go to dinner at times based off of the salad dressings. Its a toss up between Red Robin and Texas Roadhouse for the best ranch dressing. Do you have a favorite?!?

[7.] Snowboarding

I love snowboarding, it is something that we can do as a family and its something I hope to do one day with my family as well.

Dropping into the half pipe at Buttermilk in Aspen last year
[this is the one used for the XGames]
[and no, i'm not that good, I just went down the middle of it and screamed like a little girl with excitement!]

[8.] Diet Coke

I would be lost without diet coke. But I'll lay it all out there for you, a fountain diet coke, in a Styrofoam cup with chipped ice, is my ABSOLUTE favorite! its honestly heaven in a cup to me! It is a special treat when I drive by a Sonic and pick myself up a Route 44 Diet Coke with EZ ice.

[9.] Christmas

There is just something about Christmas that just makes me absolutely giddy 24/7. I love the season. People are filled with cheer, there is music on specifically for this holiday, houses are decorated to look more like homes, families gather together, and you get to give lots of presents. I just LOVE it! I wish it could be Christmas ALL year round!

[10.] Baby Names

I love thinking up baby names. I love unique names, however I don't want them to be so far out in left field that my child will be looked at funny when his name is called on the first day of school, however I want them to be a one of a kind in their classroom! My list is constantly changing, but I have names right now that I'm pretty much OVER the moon excited about!

[11.] Vacations

After getting back from our cruise, I think Justin and I both realized that we may need to plan more vacations. it was SO nice to just be the two of us, and not have a care in the world, just relaxing. I'm ready to go back!? Who's coming with us!
[12.] Running

Although I mainly dread going to the gym, or hitting the pavement, and I really hate going for a run when I'm out there, the sense of accomplishment once I finish a long run/race is totally worth it all. We are signed up for the 1/2 marathon on Saturday and I'm so ready to start the race and more importantly ready to finish it. I just want to beat my time from last year!
[13.] Blogging Friends

I LOVE my blogging friends. Its amazing how supportive everyone is to one another. I think its amazing that here we are, all over the US, and we have gotten to know one another through our daily chronicles that we share via an electronic diary. I think there is a sense of community that we get as a blogger, that others don't understand unless they are into blogging as well. I appreciate the friendships that I have made/built over the last year and a half more than I ever thought I would. I originally started blogging just to link up to Kelly's Korner SUYL series, and it has become so much more! and for that I am forever thankful!

So now that you know a few things that I love, I want to hear what you LOVE!

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Happy Thursday Blog Friends!!!

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Neely said...

T shirt quilts rock and I feel ya on the phone thing!

Shannon Dew said...

I love your tee shirt blanket! J's aunt makes them for all their fam members & they are so warm! And I want to hear your baby names!!!

Erika said...

I know of a store equivalent to restaurant ranch - I'm so with you this one. Okay so you probably have a Kroger near you since you are in Ohio. They have that Value brand there which is cheaper than the Kroger brand...their ranch dressing is AMAZING!! It's a white lable with red and blue ink and it is like $.99. I would not stear you wrong on this one :)

Do you ever get a pop from Sonic?????? Styrofoam cups AND chipped ice - I like their cherry cokes :)

Happy Thursday!

Mrs. S said...

i love sour patch watermelon!
have you ever tried sour patch cherries? they are the bomb?

A Babbling Brunette said...

You have me drooling over that styrofoam cup of diet coke.
Totally the BEST way to drink one.

Lindsay said...

I so badly want to make a t shirt quilt out of my Alpha Chi shirts!

My mom, grandma, and I were going to make one the summer after I graduated.... that was 3 years ago! :( I still have all of my shirts in a bag, I need to get on that, I LOVE yours! :)

Kristen said...

A agree 100% about the restaurant ranch dressing. It is a mystery!

Love the t-shirt quilt, very cool!

Brooke said...

Yay! Happy to see the super cute recruitment shirt in there from Rho Chi! Also, I am obsessed with "fountain Diet Cokes" and the Buckeyes!

Favorite ranch: Texas Roadhouse then Denny's :)

Mateya said...

A lot of restaurants make their ranch from a powder and just add water/milk/buttermilk. Maybe try it???

I love baby names too...I am afraid I will never be able to choose once the time actually comes though!

Kirby and Anna said...

Oh gosh! I have a connection with so many of your favorites! restaurant ranch... baby names... watermaelon sour patch (actually any sour patch really) coke (esp. a fountain one)

Thanks for the tag :) I'm excited to share my favorites!

Kelly said...

LOVE your list Lindsey!! Your Christmas tree looks soooo cute and as always, I'm so jealous of your fab Colorado skiing trips. I looove the story about sewing your quilt with your grandma! What an amazing memory to cherish forever!

Brittany said...

Lime chips and sour patch kids are my fav too!!! I was totally going to put lime chips (and salsa)!

Holly said...

Love your list. You reminded me of the Tostitos Lime chips. I feel like I need to go out a buy a bag. They are perfect for summer. Or any time really :)

Stephanie the PW said...

So I need a name for my iPhone. Any suggestions? And I WANT A T-SHIRT QUILT!!! Too cool! I have so many, laying around back at home in WV and here in Athens... wow. Too awesome :)

And just a word about that restaurant ranch dressing... I thought I was the only person on the planet with a serious craving for the stuff! ROCK ON! :D My favorite ranch dressing comes from a local restaurant in Athens, "Abrios Brick Oven". I could drink it. Seriously.

Sarah said...

I love a lot of the things you do too! Fam, phone, vacays, ranch, all of it! Love the shirt quilt too!