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Catch up and 12 Days of Christmas: Day 9 Favorite Holiday Recipe

Happy Wednesday!

Did anyone else watch the lighting of the Rockfeller Tree last night?

Kelly and I were talking about it yesterday and how both of our boys can't stand Al Roker [i think he's a little cheesy myself]... but I think what was worse than Mr. Roker's cheesy-ness was when NBC had a bit of a little hiccup when they played the wrong music for Cherise [they played Boys II Men's music instead of hers] whoops! hello lip syncing! Oh well, its still a tradition that I can't help but watch every year. I understand things happen and everyone is entitled to a little mishap... but still - it's a little embarrassing!!

In other news ...

We have been fighting a little bit of a cold/bug around our house and getting lots of sleep in the past few days... i'm hoping we can kick it before the holidays get into the full swing starting on Friday:) I do have to admit though, although I work in a hospital - I may be the world's worse patient. I hate to take medicine - i would rather just tough things out but I don't have time to be sick right now so I have resorted to vitamin C, dayquil and lots of sleep. But to my defense I didn't realize I was being a bad patient until this convo I had with J:

J: You don't sound very good, are you keeping up on your meds
L: YES! [I was VERY proud of myself], I took some this morning thank you very much!
J: Well its 3:00 you should have already taken 3 rounds of meds at this point
L: I don't want to OD on meds... they are every 12 hour meds
J: No - those are your allergy meds that are 12 hours - Your supposed to take your cold meds every 4-6 hours
L: whoops - maybe that explains why i'm feeling worse as the day goes on

So needless to say - I have been MUCH better about keeping up on my medication and I'm starting to feel a little bit better!

I have to admit - I haven't been as great of staying up with the 12/14 Day blogger challenge - but I am participating in the days that I have a passion for.. and today's topic just happens to be one of them!

Day 9: Favorite Holiday Recipe

I absolutely LOVE getting together with my friends and family during the holiday - and I'm always looking for new recipes to bring -I hope Aly and Molly don't mind but I have a few to share today

Baked Brie

this picture is much prettier than mine via

1 tube of crescent rolls
1 large wheel of brie
1 cup of chopped pecans
3 tablespoons of honey
sprite [or a clear soda]

lay out the crescent rolls - 4 crescent rolls in each square, and push them all together
place wheel of brie in the middle of one of the 4 squares of combined crescent rolls
drizzle brie with 1 1/2 tablespoons of honey [not an exact amount - just a drizzle] and 1/2 cup of pecans
and fold the crescent roll up around the brie - and then place the other square of crescent rolls on top sealing in any exposed brie
Bake the brie at 325 for 15 minutes and then remove from oven and add honey
and the rest of your pecans
and bake for 10 more minutes. Remove and transfer your brie onto another dish [you will have some honey that have baked on the bottom on the dish - as you can see from the picture above]

cut up your apples - and soak them in sprite [it helps prevent the apples from turning brown] and then surround the brie with your apples and serve.... the cheese will melt right out from your crust - and it is pure deliciousness! Enjoy!!!

While were on the topic of Brie...

Wheel of Brie with Topping
via - except picture almonds instead of walnuts and add dried cranberries - ha!

1 wheel of brie cheese
drizzle caramel over the brie
sprinkle with dried cranberries
and toasted slivered almonds

serve with water crackers

Crockpot Meatballs and Mini Wienies
I think this is one of those recipes that brings me back to my childhood - I remember all of my cousins and myself fishing for the last mini wienie at my grandma's on Christmas Eve.. but its also one of the most simple recipes that are always a hit a party


1 package of frozen meatballs [yes i totally cheat - some people are over achievers and make this simple recipe that much more difficult by making the meatballs!]
1 package of mini wienies
1 jar of chili sauce
1 small jar of grape jelly

Thaw meatballs. Add all ingredients into crockpot and cook on low for 4 hours until all ingredients are heated all the way through

Yes it sounds disgusting interesting - but trust me if you haven't had this before - its delish!

Boursin Cheese and Pesto

This may be the most simple recipe to date

1 box of boursin cheese
1/4 cup of pesto

Top the boursin cheese with pesto and serve with pita chips

Spinach Dip
I feel like I make this dip all the time... but people request for the recipe all the time, or request for me to make it. I make it more "spinachy" than creamy

2 packages of frozen spinach
2 cups sour cream
1 cup mayo
1 small can of water chestnuts
1 package of dried vegetable soup [I use either Knorr's or Lipton]
1 diced yellow onion

Thaw out spinach and mix the remaining ingredients. Serve cold with pretzels, pita chips or veggies

I think that's plenty of recipes for one day [if your still with me!]... I can't wait to see yours - I love getting new ideas!

Head on over to Molly or Aly's blog and link up or check out other bloggers recipe ideas!

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Courtney said...

oh. my. god. those all sound amazing.
i may make the brie but without the nuts.

Miss Chelsea said...

I loove spinach dip! My parents used to always make crockpot weenies - yuck! =) Everyone else liked them, me not so much!

Jenni said...

That brie looks amazing! I may make that for my Christmas party this year, thanks!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I love those meatballs you make!!! So delicious! :)

Ashley said...

Yum, yum and yum...guess it's breakfast time now! :)

They all look delicious, but I am mostly interested in Boursin Cheese and Pesto, I love Boursin cheese so I can only imagine how much yummier it would be with pesto. Great recipes!

Kelly said...

The baked brie looks SOOOOOO fantastic! I'm sooo making it this year, can't wait :-D

And in regards to the Rockefeller lighting, it was SUCH an awkward show! Greg and I were cringing through most of it, just weird and awkward. Sad :-( It still sure was fun to watch the tree light though!! :-D

YOU FEEL BETTER! I agree, I take medicine very begrudgingly because it REALLY affects me. When I taught I never took medicine because it would put my head in the clouds and I needed all of my attention!!

Molly said...

I'm SO ticked I missed the tree lighting, DANGIT! Our DVR was busy recording Shrek the Halls, Rudolph and The Grinch, sheesh! These darn kids, ha! Totally kidding :)

All these recipes sound SO good! I'm going to copy and save them!

Thanks for linking up gir! And for the friendly tip this morning!


April Westerhold said...

I am going to make that Baked Brie wheel with the apples for my family's Christmas. Looks fantastic!

Shannon said...

I've never had bake brie, but it looks yummy! I love spinach dip though and it's a holiday staple around our home! I missed last night's tree lighting and was so it every year! New follower from my friend Aly's! Your blog is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI for your baked brie - you can buy the crescent roll dough in a flat sheet now, so when you roll it out it's a rectangle instead of having all the cutouts for the biscuits. Might be a little more helful :)

Caroline said...

I missed the tree lighting, but I did watch the VS fashion show! All of that brie is making my mouth water. Yum!

Michelle said...

Yummy! My mouth is watering :) I saw the tree lighting too, and it was BEAUTIFUL!

MishMish said...

OMG! Baked Brie is an all time favorite of mine, but I've never attempted to do it myself!!! Thanks for sharing - I might have to venture out and try to make my own!!!

Lindsay said...

You just made me hungry! And how did I miss the tree lighting last night! Expecially since I am going to NYC in a few weeks!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Grape jelly? I've always wanted to make that type of recipe I didn't know Jelly was involved. Love the bree omg it's my favorite!

Lindsay said...

i love spinach dip!! it is so yummy. my mom makes it delicious :)

brittany said...

this seriously just made me drool! i will be doing the baked brie for sure, OM NOM NOM!!!


Jenny said...

The baked brie looks delicious. Todd loves cheese so I have a feeling I'll be making this soon for him. Thanks for the great recipes! I always love to try something new & different.

Brittany said...

I'm having a Thirty-One party this Saturday (which you're welcome to come to if you would like) and I'm totally going to make one of these recipes. I LOVE brie!!

Kit said...

These recipes are amazing! I am bookmarking this page :) I love baked brie! I had it for the first time in France and loved it!

Andrea said...

Lindsey! I love making meatballs and weenies using that recipe. I don't think I can get Aly to try the brie.
Next time you visit, I will make you dinner.

Sarah said...

I use the same recipe for the weenies! My coworkers think it's amazing, and always request it at potlucks... If only they realized how easy it was! lol

The baked brie looks so yummy... I always thought it would be more difficult, but you make it look easy! I'm definitely going to give it a try!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I didn't watch the lighting but I heard about the mistake. I can't stand Al either!

Diane said...

OMGosh, everything looks sooo yummy Ÿ

Thanks for visiting me over at Pittypat Paperie. Drop by again anytime.

Steph S. said...

I watched the tree lighting - I called my mom and told her to turn on the show, and as soon as she flipped on the tv the mishap occurred. She was like "what is going on? This isn't very good, Steph." hahaha!

Your recipes look amazing! The brie looks too delish and easy to make, so I'm going to have to give it a try.

I hope you feel better by Monday! Looking super forward to meeting up! We'll keep in contact Monday via email/text - I can get a table and be there early since I'm sort of living at Easton for a couple of days. Let me know :)

Quay Po Cooks said...

Everything looks delicious!